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UFO's and Extraterrestrials

This have been in contact with mankind for a long time. Already in the previous age there has been a lot of traffic between this planet and others. There are some planets in other systems that have developed their technology further and have the means for interplanetary transport. Actually, many different cultures have visited the planet this century for various reasons. As mankind has changed through the industrialisation and technological development, there has been an increased interest from beings of other planets. Since man tried to go into space, and space travel and exploration began, this interest increased even more. The world wars and the cold war also caused attention, especially for beings of low moral development.

The beings that came to the planet may be higher developed in technology, but also some races came that were, in other areas, way behind the development of mankind. There are beings that know nothing about emotions and treated the human race on earth like laboratory animals, just as our scientists experiment with animals. Other beings saw mankind as a warehouse for genes and gene manipulation, and tried to combine their DNA with human DNA to incorporate human strengths into theirs.

However, not all beings have such negative intentions. Some simply came to observe, without influencing the course of our development. Others even come to help with our spiritual development - spiritual growth. In various parts of the world there has been contact between well-prepared humans, and some were taken by higher developed beings to other planets to receive teachings. This has taken place in previous times, too, but it is happening in the present at an increased rate to help mankind with the transition into the fourth dimension.

There is actually a lot of space traffic between earth and the home planets of these beings, but such traffic cannot be seen because the spacecraft of these beings vibrate at a higher level of existence and therefore are invisible to the human eye under normal circumstances. These beings are working to prepare the arrival of mankind into the fourth dimension, and to assist in various ways.

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The consciousness that operates the various UFO craft is of the same energetics as the craft itself. In other words, a fourth dimensional being will have a fourth dimensional craft, and the same can be said for the very etheric fifth dimensional beings and the crafts that they use. And then, the third-dimensional beings will relate to the third-dimensional spacecraft, and so on. Here we would point out that third-dimensional craft can be operated by fear-based or darker energies. And third-dimensional humans that are fear-based will attract them. Fourth dimensional humans will have discernment of these crafts as to their level of light, as far as their purpose is concerned. The more highly evolved humans will connect with the higher levels of spacecraft and therefore receive higher levels of information. This is the reason for the wide range of information available at this time. It is also the reason for some of the conflicts within the information.

Propulsion Systems

There are set up through your time-space grids certain types of energy grids or tracks that some ships use as a type of highway-understanding of course that these are energies that we're talking about-and yes, they are magnetic in nature. These are constructed by energetic beams from one portal to another. These can be from a great mother ship to another mother ship or from a mother ship to an anchor point on a planet. They can also work from a planet to a planet, utilising a series of relay stations. And so great magnetic grids can be set up. Now the spacecraft that use the magnetic grids can disembark from that particular system and then proceed in their own system, having stored internally a certain magnetic energy field that will sustain them for a time.

Just as there are many levels of consciousness, there are also many levels of UFOs. Some of them are of very dense material formation and others are very etheric. Those that are etheric can be from fourth dimension to fifth dimension. The higher the dimensionality of these great ships, the faster they are able to move. Many of them that are constructed of light essences or are of etheric physicality are very similar to a holographic construction, yet set in place and able to move. But they move at the speed of light.

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