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What maybe happened to the Columbia Space Shuttle

A Scientific Explanation

The picture above shows PART of ONE of the Arrays.
It's probably less than 5% of the total Array area !
Remember this is a 3 Gigawatt transmitter - That's 3 Billion Watts 

The partly-university and partly-military HAARP facility had very lax security, as shown by the pictures and text on their own website. ( their early 2000's website ). It is only just a very large shortwave radio transmitter in Gakona, Alaska used for university research, isn't it? That's what they said. In fact the official HAARP web site went to great lengths to appear to be open in all things - there were pictures galore - virtual tours of the place - technical data - personnel - all sorts of things - you would think that it's all above board. And let's face it - it IS a valuable research tool - AND it is good that it can be used for Submarine communication - and Defence of the USA (and the allies of the USA) from missile attack. BUT just imagine what this tool can do. It's an awesome piece of equipment.

H.A.A.R.P. Stands for High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project.

For several years, beginning about 1998, HAARP was normally turned on during the summer months, starting several hours before midnight. They were doing atmospheric auroral zone research for several hours each night when the sky is very dark, during that part of the month when the bright moon is below the horizon. That is the "University Research" mode. The shortwave transmitter pulses may have both long and short pulses with about equal-length spaces in between, and the pulse lengths may vary, depending on the academic research experiment, from 3 to 30 seconds.

During the "Navy Deep-Sea Communication" operational mode, the shortwave radio pulses are all, with military precision, exactly 6.25 seconds long with either exactly 15 or 30 second spaces between pulses. Those long and short binary spaces in between the pulses are actually the coded message. Something like the dits and dahs of very slow Morse code. In this mode, the power is usually at maximum. Unlike the research mode, which mostly runs at night, the US Navy communication mode can be at any time of the day or night, any month of the year. The transmissions may run continuously for about 10 to 30 hours, or from one to several days.

These communication pulses interact with the earth's magnetic field near the northern auroral zone. These very slow interactions, taking hours to send a short message, can be sensed by special magnetometer receivers in the US nuclear submarines miles deep below the ocean surface. This HAARP communication mode can operate far deeper into the ocean than any other nation can penetrate, so only US submarines are capable of long-term full-stealth mode, out of reach far below all other nation's submarines. All the while, still staying in communication with US Navy command headquarters.

Following the 9-11 World Trade Centre attack, and just minutes after the President declared Defence Condition Four (DefCon4), HAARP began transmitting at highest power for 18 hours in "deep-sea communication" mode. This is the only way to communicate the DefCon4 condition and updated battle commands to the US nuclear submarines on station miles deep in the ocean.

The "Air Force Missile Defence Shield" mode is usually heard as 4 or 5 second pulses about 20 seconds apart. The pulses also are modulated with circular polarisation, changing in tone slightly faster or slower than the 1 Hz base frequency. This results in hearing sounds, "zoo-eel" sounds going upward or "zoo-oownd" sounds going downward. This causes very fast relativistic electrons or ions to be sprayed into outer space arcing from north to south magnetic pole, from the ionosphere, either upward to the magnetosphere, or downward from the magnetosphere to the ionosphere.

These particles, moving at nearly the speed of light, stay only in the vacuum of space and are stopped whenever they hit the atmosphere.

The focused fast moving particles can penetrate and damage the electronics of an incoming nuclear missile warhead and cause the missile to spin out of control and burn up as it re-enters the earth's atmosphere.

The damage effect is similar to the strong radiation from a nearby nuclear explosion. Thus the "missile shield" mode can quickly destroy incoming missiles almost anywhere in the world even before they re-enter the atmosphere.

The graduate student technical research reports on the HAARP website for the summer study programs of 1999 and 2000 revealed they had succeeded in producing particle flow along "certain magnetic field lines." This is a secretive or obtuse way of saying that they have finally implemented a "focused missile Defence shield" mode.

The staffers at HAARP were several full time professional radio electronics operators and a number of part-time professors and graduate research students. They all had access to the facility which was the key to the back door of the small cafeteria/control room building. The HAARP facility did not even have a fence around it.

HAARP is likely not to be the Primary Ionospheric array in Alaska.

At 3 Billion Watts there may be a second secret and hidden FIPA Array at (nearby) Poker Flat.

In reviewing information disclosed through the Freedom Of Information Act concerning the initial concepts and bidding on HAARP (High - frequency Active Auroral Research Project), We came across relevant information that HAARP was not the best choice for the Project, this was to be the F.I.P.A. (Frequency Independent Phased-array Antenna) FIPA patent # 5,274,390.

The executive summary of HAARP indicates the best place for the Array was Poker Flat and not Gakona, Clear AFB was the optional choice for the HAARP location and has the power facility on site to supply a heater array of these proportions. Prime power at Clear Air Force Station is obtained from the station's coal-fired power plant, which is capable of producing 22.5 megawatts of power. (Clear AFB is a large D.O.D.) (Department of Defence) area located west of HIPAS [High Power Auroral Stimulation], and is almost an equal distance from HIPAS as HAARP is to HIPAS. HAARP is run by U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory's Space Vehicles Directorate - while Clear Air Force Station is under U.S. Air Force Space Command Control.

HAARP/HIPAS work in conjunction - However two arrays are not enough to steer the signal. The HAARP web site in 2001 discussed successful moon bounce experiments (done since the 1960's by HAM radio operators) In order to target the moon you need a steerable array and three arrays minimum are required.

HAARP array is second choice to FIPA array, The HAARP site near Gakona was initially chosen to house the Imaging Riometer for HAARP, Now Poker Flat is operating the proposed HAARP Imaging Riometer and was the initial choice for the HAARP location, and you require three ELF/VLF arrays to steer the signal. This information means THERE IS AT LEAST ONE HIDDEN ELF/VLF array in the southern area of Alaska, it is likely in Poker Flat region and is likely the FIPA array.

In order for targeting, HAARP's other arrays must be used to steer the signal, this is why HIPAS is in the region, with the present set up. If Clear AFS, and Poker Flat were also positioned with ELF/VLF arrays then HAARP is capable of a 360 degree steerable target area.

The installed Missile Defence System at Fort Greely is not there to protect North America from ballistic missiles but to protect the HAARP network of Arrays in Alaska as the arrays are the first line of Defence. Provide enough power to the atmosphere and the resulting drag and EM Pulse should fry the electronics of any missile, one exception are new missiles designed by the Russians that may be able to fly under HAARP's umbrella.

Fort Greely is like a phalanx system on a ship, anything that gets too close to it would be destroyed.

CAUTION !  What follows contains highly speculative material !

One of the HAARP graduate students, gets up in the middle of the night, and goes to work all by himself at 4:00 AM on a very cold Saturday Alaska winter morning. They usually don't work on the weekends, especially not in the frigid mid-winter. He turns on the cold diesel generators which produce the electrical power for the large radio system and starts up the transmitters. He plugs into the transmitter control computer the old research program he had worked on for testing the Air Force missile shield mode.

This fires a narrow cloud of relativistic particles into space from Alaska, above the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean along the western coast of the US, to the opposite magnetic mirror site just above the southern auroral zone near New Zealand. He leaves the transmitter running for 3 hours. Then, he turns everything off and goes back home to sleep, in the dark of the long Alaska arctic-winter night. It was a very cold Saturday morning.

The University of Alaska, Fairbanks, where he is a research associate assigned to the HAARP project, knows that he is in the US on a temporary F1 student visa from Pakistan. They do not know that he also is a member of Al-Qaida. He was only told to turn on the transmitter to knock out a bothersome US communication satellite which had been broadcasting  propaganda. He doesn't follow the news and knows nothing about the space shuttle flight. He was only told the time and direction to transmit. It was 4:15 AM PST Saturday morning, Feb 1, 2003, just about 90 minutes before Columbia enters the atmosphere over California. He knows he might be doing something wrong, and makes no entry into the HAARP transmitter logbook.

What is written below is logged as notes. It's fact that the US Air Force has denied any HAARP transmission before, during, and immediately after the Columbia landing.

Later, the US Navy, which administrates all HAARP operations, when asked about HAARP possibly transmitting while shuttle Columbia was landing, only says, "It wasn't us. We weren't even on the air." They check their logbook and show proof: there is no record of any HAARP transmissions on Feb 1, 2003.

(Note: There have been some people monitoring and logging all HAARP transmissions since about the year 2000. HAARP was, in fact, transmitting from about 4:15 AM to about 7:20 AM PST in Air Force mode on Saturday Feb 1, 2003. That was the first HAARP transmission since late 2002. Columbia re-entered the atmosphere over California at 5:53 AM PST, in the middle between those two times.)

(Anyone with a shortwave receiver eg. a ham radio operator can receive the Haarp signal. They can't decode the signal but can determine what type of signal it is.) The HAARP signal has been picked up by Ham Operators since it started transmitting. At first no Ham Operator knew what to make of it. Over the years they had figured out what was going on.

The coded signals sent to the US Nuclear Submarines are; naturally; secret. No one knows what is sent as the Submarines have special receiver units; that cannot be decoded by any other means.

What is written below is what MIGHT have happened. We can never be 100% sure because NASA will not give the full story - and all communications were lost during the re-entry period. It's a real guess as to how bad things became inside the cockpit. There appeared to be a desperate attempt to manually ride Columbia down and this would have only happened as a last ditch attempt.

It's a cold Saturday morning over the dark Indian Ocean as Columbia fires its rockets to drop from orbit and begin its path into the atmosphere over California.

About 5:40 AM, over the eastern Pacific Ocean nearing California, while still in space, Columbia enters into an invisible cloud of extremely high radiation spewing southward from Gakona, Alaska. The cloud of relativistic electrons penetrate deeply into Columbia, instantly causing strange heating on the northern or left side of the spacecraft toward Alaska, both on the left wing and even on the upper left side of the craft near the left cargo bay door. Because the radiation cloud is coming from the northern side, not from below, only the left side of Columbia is seriously affected at first.

Columbia's commander reports the anomalous low-level gradual heating of all temperature sensors on the left side of the craft to the NASA ground communicator. The NASA communicator acknowledges that they received the messages about the heating on the left side. And Commander Rick Husband, responds, "Roger, bu..."

Suddenly his voice and all radio communications with the shuttle are broken off in mid-sentence.

The cloud of radiation shooting from Alaska continues to penetrate into Columbia. Over central California, numerous left wing temperature sensors all suddenly stop working. Just before they failed, the semiconductor temperature sensors did not show extreme high temperature or indicate burning up. They all suddenly went off-scale as if high radiation had simply shorted them out.

Minutes later, somewhere over Nevada, now safely below the radiation cloud above the atmosphere, the effects of the short but severe radiation exposure are now becoming apparent. The attitude control computer, which positions the spacecraft to glide like an airplane to a safe landing, starts showing signs of over-correcting. The control computer and its backup can no longer calculate a proper flight path. The data in the computer memories was corrupted by the severe radiation.

Shortly afterwards the Columbia lost all automatic flight control including it's ability to maintain it's "angle of attack" (re- entry angle) of 40 Degrees. It fell to 0 Degrees and began a slow negative yaw to the left. After about 8 minutes - someone shut down all the automatic pilot functions and swung the control stick to the right for 8 seconds. This placed the ship at 90 Degrees positive Yaw which meant the ship was placed in a position that the whole left side was facing the re-entry (Hypersonic Mach 18 flow). When the control stick was swung to the left there was no correction - only error messages were displayed. After about 60 seconds in this position of re-entry the ship could not take it anymore and disintegrated.

It's a very scary thing but - and this is a big question - did the crew panic and attempt a manual landing because of a "burn through" in the cockpit ? If so it explains why and how desperate the situation had become. Imagine. No communication with earth. The cockpit wall heating - possibly badly - What to do ? It would have been obvious that most if not all equipment had malfunctioned by this time. There would have been desperation and a last ditch attempt would have been made to manually fly the shuttle down.

Over eastern New Mexico, Columbia is no longer soaring as a glider to a welcomed soft landing at Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. It is morphing into a flaming meteoric, billion-dollar fireball, streaking ever swiftly downward toward destiny in east Texas with seven human beings inside.

Later, based on the US Navy assurances, NASA closes any investigation into possible HAARP-Shuttle interactions. Investigators continue to pursue numerous other possible theories, such as damage to the shuttle heat shield tiles during take off. Or possibly even some pieces of the shuttle or tiles reportedly falling off over California, or strange electrical discharges around the shuttle as it enters the atmosphere -- something some California observers reported.

But that was something no one could have ever observed, since, according to NOAA weather satellite images at that exact time, most all of California and Nevada were covered with thick cloud cover at 5:53 AM just as Columbia passed overhead. No California observations, videos or photographs were possible.

Other groups investigate the possible impact of newly discovered extremely high altitude air turbulence, which may have damaged the 23-year-old airframe of the aging Columbia as it entered the atmosphere. The investigative results are inconclusive or misleading. Nothing is resolved. The Shuttle program is shut down for over a year, because of the unclear results and the loud public clamour to cease the dangerous and costly NASA shuttle missions.

American concerns about the ongoing hot war on terrorism now predominate the evening news.  Columbia is forgotten.