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Spielberg and the Carter Administration (and N.A.S.A)

"I really found my faith when I heard that the Government was opposed to the film. (Close Encounters)  If NASA took the time to write me a 20-page letter, then I knew there must be something happening. I had wanted cooperation from them, but when they read the script they got very angry and felt that it was a film that would be dangerous. I felt they mainly wrote the letter because JAWS convinced so many people around the world that there were sharks in toilets and bathtubs, not just in the oceans and rivers. They were afraid the same kind of epidemic would happen with UFOs."

>Steven Spielberg<

Spielberg and his wife were invited to London to screen the film for Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip. Philip had long expressed open interest in UFOs. He had been a long-time subscriber to Flying Saucer Review, the most popular UFO journal in Britain.

Spielberg had a fascination with UFOs, even though he had never seen one. He liked to tell people that he was born in 1947, even though an investigation by the Los Angeles Times discovered he was actually born in December, 1946. Spielberg used the 1947 date, because, as he used to tell people, it was the same year as the first major UFO sighting, and the same year as the famous Roswell crash of an alien ship.

NASA declined the offer to reopen the UFO can of worms (When President Jimmy Carter asked) and Carter's Science Advisor was told this. Meanwhile, however, behind the scenes, NASA was busy. While they claimed to having no role in investigating UFOs, Had no knowledge of UFO's, and at the same time they were telling President Carter they wanted no part of the UFO scene, they had written a 20 page letter to Spielberg trying to talk him out of releasing the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

The UFO President

President Jimmy Carter has often been referred-to as the "UFO President" due to the fact that he publicly claimed to have had a UFO sighting prior to becoming president. Moreover, he was the only president on record to actually file a UFO sighting report related to his sighting. Thirdly, on at least one occasion while campaigning for president, Carter declared that, if elected, he would "make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and scientists."

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