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"To suppose that earth is the only populated world in infinite space is as absurd as to believe that in an entire field sown with millet, only one grain will grow."
>Metrodorus of Chios 4th century B.C.<

"There is truly an astounding phenomena unfolding in England and elsewhere in the world. Its very unfortunate that the unscientific thinking, and perhaps deliberate disinformation, of a few individuals have been picked up and accepted by a naive press world-wide. As a result millions of people have been deprived of the opportunity to experience a consciousness expanding phenomena. It is our civilisations loss; but fortunately the apparently successful attempt to ridicule or "debunk" crop circles will do nothing to stop what may be a major transformation ahead for humanity. " >Alan Holt<

>Alan Holt was a project manager for NASA's International Space Station<

"The British Ministry of Defence, Police, Stonehenge Security and scientists from around the world are continuing to investigate the incredible "STONEHENGE JULIA SET" FORMATION (HUGE 508' DIAMETER SPIRAL WITH 149 CIRCLES) WHICH APPEARED IN THE EARLY EVENING ON JULY 7, WITHIN A 15 - 45 MINUTE TIME PERIOD. (Picture below) Reports indicate that NO ONE, including Stonehenge Security, the farmer or motorists on the busy A303 motorway which passes the field saw or heard anything or anyone in the field during that time. "

Information received via channel mediums tells us that crop circles are the result of photon energy patterns hitting Earth's surface causing the crops within the fields to become horizontal. The reason that they cause the crops to lie down is that photon energy is magnetic in nature. As the strands of wheat, barley, canola etc, are hit by the photon energy, they become magnetic and then are attracted to one another. As multiple strands unite or are magnetised together, the weight of their union no longer allows them to stand straight in the air, and they "lie down" against the ground.

The formations are universal symbols that have been used by various peoples [beings] throughout time. These will continue and increase until you realise that you are not alone, that you are loved and part of a plan more beautiful and wondrous than you could have ever imagined.

Some estimated ten thousand crop circle formations have appeared all over the world in recent years. For those who believe that logic and science constitute the sum of reality, the formations provoke feelings of annoyance, disbelief, fear, and a deeply rooted sense of frustration at the lack of a ready, rational explanation. For those whose belief systems extend beyond the boundaries, crop circles take on mystical meanings and offer a sense of communication with an intelligence or consciousness beyond three-dimensional reality.

Crop circles intrigue; they en-trance with their intricacies; they manifest intelligence. The circles are appearing with increasing frequency mainly in England, but also in places like America, Japan, Canada, Russia, China, Australia and many more locations. These beautiful sculpted shapes appear mostly in crops of wheat, corn or barley. From simple circular designs, the formations have grown in complexity over the years to include precise geometrical designs that puzzle and excite man's logical mind set. Probably one of the most famous is the Mandelbrot Set - a formation which surfaced in 1991 ------(see picture below)----

Mandelbrot set crop formation -

- a perfect representation of one of the most complex shapes in mathematics. These intelligent symbols relating to the development of fractal geometry perplexed, intrigued and delighted many

 The crop circles have so far defied scientific explanation. They have continually re-invented themselves in order, it seems, to provoke scientific inquiry. Some unseen intelligence appears to have a need to communicate with human beings, to express itself in strange and spectacular ways, and it has become more talkative, carving ever more incredible signs in the fields of the world.

Within the formations, the crops appear to be pushed down by some invisible gentle force which has the capacity to create complex patterns of bent vegetation. In authentic circles, this bent vegetation is not broken or damaged and in many instances continues to grow.

How should we interpret these messages from the universe? What significance do they hold for humanity? Crop circles are like treasure chests - each holding unique and important information for humanity. The journey is one of discovery. Just as with sacred geometry and other esoteric principles, crop circles challenge the current world view of "reality" simply because science is at odds to explain them.

Crop circle formations often appear in canola (oil seed rape) fields. This plant has a consistency like celery. If the stalk is bent more than about 45-degrees, it snaps apart. Yet, in a "genuine" crop circle formation the stalks are often bent flat at 90-degrees. No botanist or other scientist has been able to explain this, nor has it ever been duplicated by a human being.

Many huge, complex and beautiful patterns are being found swirled into crop fields around the world every year. Despite attempts to dismiss them as the work of humans, some believe the evidence points to a more exciting explanation. Whatever their source, these spectacular designs often display very clear symbolism, scientific, esoteric and astronomical, and demonstrate some extraordinary unexplained effects.

How many appear?

Around 250 crop designs around the world appear each year on average. Several thousand have been documented since records began.

Where do they appear?

Crop circles are a global phenomenon, but predominantly appear in the Northern Hemisphere with Southern England as the main centre of activity, particularly Wiltshire.

When do they arrive?

Off-season formations have occurred, but most appear during the three main summer months of any given country.

What crops do they appear in?

Any crop can be a potential target for the phenomenon: wheat, barley and oilseed rape (canola), as the main crops grown, are the most common in England, at least, but they have also been reported in rye, oats, flax, peas, potatoes, sweet corn maize and many other mediums, including rice paddy fields in Japan. Formations have also been found in wild grass and undergrowth.

A Brief History of Crop Circles

When two retired English pranksters, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, claimed in 1991 to have invented the crop circle phenomenon as a joke a decade or so earlier, they couldn't have been aware that almost 300 documented formations predated their alleged exploits.

Swirled into growing crops, these circular indentations of carefully flattened stems looked at first like the result of freak whirlwinds. Some were a few feet across, but others were the size of tennis courts. It wasn't long before the appearance of symmetrical patterns and other unusual variations began to throw the weather theories into doubt.

By the late 80's, rapidly increasing numbers and seemingly evolving designs, still based largely on circles, had begun to capture the public imagination. Intrigued by reports of glowing lights and other bizarre phenomena associated with the circles, everyone from UFO buffs to eminent scientists was trying to unravel the mystery.

In 1990, the arrival of 'pictograms', long symbolic chains of circles, rectangles and rings gave the crop circles their place in history. Newspapers and television channels eagerly reported these astonishing patterns. But the claims of Doug and Dave and other supposed hoaxers soon left the media disillusioned.

Despite this, crop formations continue to be discovered in designs of growing sophistication and size which leave many convinced that there is an unexplained force at work.

Theories and Evidence

There has been intense debate over the circles' origins. Some believe they are communications from Extra-Terrestrials, pointing to the many sightings and videos of aerial phenomena seen in connection with formations. Others feel the lights may be the properties of an unknown natural energy which produces complex ground patterns. Others still have cited everything from Mother Earth to nature spirits being responsible.

Most other popular explanations for the crop circles have revolved around human activity, either involving satellite technology or, more usually, the simple actions of pranksters and landscape artists. However, in demonstrations, human teams have struggled to reproduce designs as geometrically complex as many seen in the fields or have taken many hours to produce anything approaching them. Certain formations have been shown to have appeared within very short periods of time and the geometrical calculation and construction required for some simply could not be carried out in one night.

Some of the patterns have shown breathtaking symbolic qualities. In 1994, several galaxy-shaped glyphs displayed a conjunction of planets over the star constellation Cetus as it would be in April 2000, and in 1995 an accurate diagram of the Earth's inner solar system was discovered. Some shapes appear to denote dates and astronomical conjunctions, but others remain obscure and are open to interpretation, seeming to reflect multi-cultural symbolism.

Phenomena associated with crop circles

Work by laboratories on circle-affected crop has shown biological changes taking place at a cellular level, suggesting the involvement of microwave energy. Other physical tests have shown anomalies not yet replicated by man-made experiments. Crop circles have the capacity to alter the local electromagnetic field so that compasses cannot locate north, cameras, cellular phones and batteries fail to operate, and aircraft equipment fails whilst flying over formations.

Circular Stories, Facts and Figures

There are around two dozen eye-witness accounts of crop circles forming. All describe similar events; an invisible force coming out of nowhere in otherwise calm conditions and spinning the crops down within seconds, usually with surprising violence - yet little damage is found in the laid crop. Tornado-like funnels, light phenomena and high-pitched whistling sounds have also been reported.

One Sunday afternoon in July 1996, a 915 foot spiral of 151 circles appeared opposite England's ancient Stonehenge monument, Wiltshire, within a 45 minute period. (Below) A pilot, gamekeeper and security guard confirmed it had not been there before 5.30pm - yet shortly after 6.00pm, the massive formation was spotted. Much smaller man-made designs have taken several hours to complete.
Work by Dr W. C. Levengood, a respected Michigan-based biophysicist, has shown notable biological changes taking place inside circle-laid stalks, which could be attributable to some kind of microwave energy. No man-made test formation has ever produced these results, yet 90% of the hundreds of crop circles sampled have proved positive in this regard.

A Channelled Explanation:

"The circles and other shapes imprinted upon this planet in the grain fields are a frequency, not a process or action. There is a story or language that is being implanted on the surface of earth with language symbols. These symbols come to establish a certain frequency, and they are going to increase. Light is being orchestrated to once again come onto the planet, and it is increasing daily. In order for energy to work its way through your consciousness, it must house itself on the planet. Intelligence penetrates in the form of waves making geometric shapes on the Earth.

Intelligence is beyond the spoken word and beyond the written word, for it is a frequency that sometimes comes in geometric shapes. Geometry is an evolved intelligence, a collection of experience that can communicate huge amounts of information. Crop circles all over the planet are put there by sounds above human frequency. In the beginning, these shapes are circles. They will evolve into triangles, lines, and many other things. [As they have done so].

These geometric shapes are like hieroglyphs. The hieroglyphs and pictographs carved in stone on this planet are a similar generation of intelligence. The circles and shapes being put on Earth are all connected to one another, and if they were written out simultaneously on some farmer's field, something would happen to them immediately.

These shapes hold intelligence and are being set up to eventually connect and make an intelligent gridwork around the planet. This gridwork will have a frequency that humanity can use to evolve. The whole language is not on the planet at this time. The glyphs come to Earth as a result of a certain evolvement of consciousness. They come into your reality to show you that the reasoning mind cannot control all of the data, much as it would like to.

Whenever reality cannot be explained, a certain niche is opened within consciousness. The crop circles are completely beyond the logical mind. Therefore, they force the consensus view of reality to expand, since reality, as formerly designed, cannot house these events as a possibility. They are a trigger. They force reality to move beyond its own limitations. Basically, they exist to force reality to move, to get you feeling rather than thinking. Most who explore these circles think their way through the circles rather than feel their way through them.

Because this phenomenon has no logic to it, it is forcing a logically orientated society to recognise something that makes no sense, and it is being done in a very playful and obvious way without creating a threat to anyone's view of reality. When corn lies down in concentric circles and doesn't even break or die, no one really gets too upset. It is necessary to do certain things so that you figure it out without having your circuits overloaded."

What is it that makes crop circles such a fascinating phenomenon? Even when people don't know a single thing about the crop formations, the symbols seem to stir up something within nevertheless. There's something about the patterns that has some kind of hypnotising effect on people.

All the discussions about whether or not the crop circles are a hoax could come to an end if people would first investigate before they make any judgments. A lot of research is done on the circles and many reports can be found on the Internet. Do some research and collate your own data base of 'crop circle facts'. It's well worth the effort.

Sacred Geometry

It has been estimated that over the past 25 years more than 10,000 of these mysterious images have been etched into meadows all over our planet in such diverse places as Japan, Germany, USA, The Netherlands, Austria, Canada, Brazil, Romania, Hungary, and many other countries. It seems as though "something" is trying to get our attention in a very repetitive way because each year they faithfully return like migrating birds to warmer climates.

Also intriguing is that archeologists, mystics and academics who study ancient civilisations recognise a form of sacred geometry and symbolism in these designs. Adding support to their findings is the fact that many of the mysterious glyphs that have been found in England magically appear (and frequently reappear) near ancient, sacred sites such as Stonehenge, Avebury, and the earth mound of Silbury Hill. These places are known for their high energy vortexes.

What is also compelling about crop circles is that they are real... even though hoaxers have made a small percentage of them. Unlike UFOs, which have often been linked to them, circle formations can be visited, photographed, walked on, measured, and scientifically analysed. They are concrete reminders of what appears to be the handiwork of an off-Earth intelligence and, for anyone who has researched this area, it is difficult to deny their existence. Sadly, as with other types of paranormal phenomena, crop circles have been the victims of massive disinformation programs.

Microwave Radiation?

Dr. W. C. Levengood of the Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory in Grass Lake, Michigan has studied crop formations for years. His scientific data leads him to believe that very uniform and ordered forces are involved in their formation. His efforts have focused on the possibility that residual effects may be left behind in the crop formations that can be measured. Based upon his recent findings, Dr. Levengood suggests that the affected plants show distinct signs of having been exposed to transient high temperatures, possibly caused by microwave radiation.

The etched symbols in the crop fields, are prodding humanity into a greater cosmic awareness and an acceptance of intelligent life within the universe. There is no doubt that our collective consciousness is being raised and crop circles are an important part of the overall process.

Crop circle formations often appear in canola (oil seed rape) fields. This plant has a consistency like celery. If the stalk is bent more than 45-degrees, it snaps apart. Yet, in a "genuine" crop circle formation the stalks are often bent flat at 90-degrees. No botanist or other scientist has been able to explain this, nor has it ever been duplicated by a human being.

Crop Circle formed in a Canola Field (below)

Two very significant crop circle formations appeared at Barbury Castle in May 1997.

They seemed to reveal extremely important information. One of the formations was the Kabalistic Tree of Life.  The Tree of Life, of course, is mentioned many times in the Bible, from the beginning of the Book of Genesis to last part of the Book of Revelation.  One who eats from this Tree, according to the Bible, is given "eternal life." The above diagram of the Tree of Life is part of an ancient tradition called "Kabala." Other spellings of the word include, kabbala, cabala, cabbala, quabala, and qabbalah. This is generally known as a special Hebrew tradition, the occult philosophy of certain Jewish rabbis, especially in the Middle Ages, based on a mystical interpretation of the Scriptures. Many scholars believe that the tradition is much older; that it traces back to the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians.

Connections to Ancient Sumeria

Over one hundred years ago, clay tablets were found in present day Iraq. They were artifacts with Cuneiform writings and pictographic carvings, left by the ancient people of that region. The Assyrian and Babylonian empires were located in that area long ago, but an even more ancient one preceded them, called Sumer, which in the Bible is called "Land of Shine'ar."

 Then there was the "Double-Helix" crop formation that arrived on June 17, 1996 in Tim Carson's East Field at Alton Barnes, England. This crop circle, some 600 feet long, clearly resembles DNA.
(see picture below)

This tells us that these and other circles are being sent to us from those we are going to meet, and they know all about our biology. "They" are not the "Grays" nor those related to the "Grays" who have been causing problems on planet Earth with abductions and the like. Rather, the circles are from those who represent the actual seeds of our DNA, those who look like us and the ones who purposely planted the DNA/Biology in our primitive ancestors ages ago. These beings, who seeded us on planet Earth, are from another place in the universe, and they are returning.

You will not find crop circles in the nightly news nor in the local newspapers. Nor will leading scientists discuss it out of fear for their project funding and jobs. But you will continue to see some TV programs that dismiss their existence as a hoax. And there will be "crazy hoaxer" stories.....This sells "news".....


Milk Hill, Wiltshire, England August 13, 2001
The crop circle noticed on Milk Hill in Wiltshire (Southern England) on August 13, 2001 is being hailed as the most awesome ever made. It is composed of 409 individual circles in a spiral pattern. Appropriately, it was found in the heart of crop circle country in the United Kingdom.
The sheer size and complexity of this formation is staggering. It has been estimated that hoaxers would have had to make one circle every 30 seconds during the night time hours in order to create this design!
Furthermore, the field in which the design was created is not flat, but consists of small, undulating hills, making it virtually impossible for hoaxers to lay out and create an accurate design.

(Wiltshire Aerial view below)

Chilbolton England August 13/14 2000 (below)

Chilbolton England August 14, 2001
Sometime on 13/14 August, 2000, a spectacular crop circle was placed in the wheat field right in front of the government-owned Chilbolton Radio Telescope Observatory. It was one of the largest and most intricate made during the year 2000, measuring some 200 feet in length and 85 feet in width.

However, it's real significance could not be appreciated until exactly a year later when two other extraordinary crop formations appeared in the same field... and all three appear to be linked together.

During 1974, a coded (binary) message was sent from a radio telescope in Arecibo, Mexico to a star cluster in our Milky Way galaxy called M13. As of today, it has travelled approximately 160 trillion miles into deep space and will arrive at its intended destination some 22,000 years from now. In August of 2001, a response was received from that 1974 broadcast a lot sooner than anyone had expected, implying that a nearby off-Earth intelligence intercepted it. On Tuesday August 14, 2001, exactly one year after the last crop circle had been made next to the Chilbolton Observatory, a haunting, human-like face was placed in this very same wheat field.

The Face
Even as a stand alone formation this glyph was spectacular for several reasons. To create this image, standing clumps were made out of wheat stalks, with each clump individually swirled and stitched together as a "pixel" while adjoining wheat plants were flattened around the pixels to create the overall image effect. This is a radical departure from traditional circle design. The dark areas represent wheat that has been flattened while the light coloured dots represent standing clumps of wheat.
On the following Sunday, August 19, 2001, another incredible design was reported in the same wheat field,

and this is the one that has really impressed the experts and skeptics alike. As mentioned above, we sent out a coded message in 1974 to the M13 star cluster. That coded human message has been put into graphic form. The design placed in the Chilbolton wheat field on August 19, is almost a mirror image of the one we sent into deep space.

The Returned Arecibo Message Received At Chilbolton

The first notable difference is that the DNA strand shape just above the human figure in the 1974 message versus the DNA strand above the humanoid figure made in 2001 is not the same. Specifically, the respective DNA strands on the right hand side of both pictures is quite different. In the August 19 message, the DNA strand has 6 circles (6 nucleotide base pairs) per turn of the DNA while the 1974 message has 10 per turn, which is what we have in the DNA found on planet Earth.

The pictogram made in this very same wheat field a year earlier is a blown-up version of their communication device and is a replica of that seen in the lower part of their returned message to us!. Hoaxers aren't this clever or imaginative.

A number of insights can be drawn from these recent crop developments that are worth noting:-

Techniques -

Three different techniques have now been used to make the crop pictures. First there is the traditional swirled crop design, the second is the "retarded" growth method and the third is the pixel technique, which swirls some plants into standing pixels while adjoining plants are flattened and lie on the ground.

Timing -

The 13/14 August 2000 crop circle at Chilbolton was made exactly one year before the face and in the same wheat field.

Invisibility -

With security cameras guarding the Observatory complex, some of which are apparently pointed into the adjacent wheat field, no one has stepped forward and said, "Here are videotapes of the hoaxers making these crop designs." Making a pixel by pixel design in a field of plants would be an extremely difficult thing for hoaxers to accomplish. It could only be done with aerial help such as a night-flying helicopter with a two way communication system. Can you imagine all this being done in front of a government complex without attracting any attention?

Dish symbols -

The difference in the Arecibo Radio Astronomy device and the one sent back in the August 19 message is quite convincing... especially since one year earlier that very same ET communication device was created as a crop design in the same Chilbolton wheat field. The linkage is striking.

Orientation -
The orientation of the August 19 message in the wheat fields points directly at the dish antenna located at the Chilbolton Observatory as if to say, "We're pointing this message directly at you."

Hoaxers - No hoaxers have come forth and claimed they made these crop formations.