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The Philadelphia Experiment

The story printed below will probably seem to you like a complete science fiction - fantasy story. The thing is - there was one living survivor to this amazing story - Alfred Bielek. He was born on 4th August 1916 and on October 2011 sadly passed away at the age of 95. After suffering a stroke.

The U.S. Navy has always stated that the story printed below "never happened". They have a web site which lists the Log Book of the Eldridge and statements from staff associated with the ship that state that all what is printed below is rubbish. They have gone to an enormous amount of trouble to deny anything and to ridicule anyone who states otherwise.

And stories from actual survivors and persons involved in the project. Many of these people have died. It has reached a point where there are practically no eye witnesses to what has happened.


You may have read the best selling book "The Philadelphia Experiment" by Charles Berlitz and William Moore, or seen the movie of the same name.

The Philadelphia Experiment came to being in 1931 when in Chicago a small group of scientists got together to investigate the possibility of de-magnetisism of war ships.

The team included John Hutchinson the Dean of the University of Chicago, Dr. Emil Kurtinauor, an Austrian Physicist, and Dr. Nikola Tesla.

Tesla was director of Engineering and Research at R.C.A. at the time.

Mr. F.D. Roosevelt (then secretary of the Navy) was a personal friend of Tesla.

The U.S. was having problems with a magnetic mine that the Germans had developed and wanted to investigate the possibility of De-Magnetising ships without the huge problems that it had of doing this (at that time).

This was before the time of RADAR and the U.S. was trying to keep a step ahead of the Germans who were very adapt at new technology. The Germans were very advanced as far as technology and the U.S. were very worried about falling behind.

At the time the US Navy was mainly concerned with the prospect of making it's vessels anti-magnetic.

Tests started in 1936 and a partial invisibility occurred. The Navy saw immense possibilities and in 1940

project Rainbow was started. The US Navy has recently tried to distance itself from this name..It has a web site devoted to trying to convince everyone that project Rainbow was some sort of covert intelligence project !

Anyway the project started in the Brooklyn Naval Yard and in 1940 they achieved for the first time full invisibility with a mine sweeper vessel (without any crew).

Two Radio Transmitters and one main generator drove a series of four conical coils, generating an intense magnetic field. These oppositely wound coils produced a zero magnetic field - which is a Scalar Field.

(or what is referred to as a Scalar Value of Zero or the Zero point energy of the Vacuum.)

In 1942 Tesla was given a battleship but he became VERY concerned when he was told the experiment would contain live crew. He complained about this.

It is one thing to make invisible (or time travel) an object like a ship BUT people have individual time references. You can "reference" an object to "travel" but with people you have to INDIVIDUALLY reference their "reference points" to make sure it will all work.

Tesla may have altered the settings on the equipment but what happened when the experiment took place in March 1942 was that nothing happened.

10 months later TESLA was found dead in January 1943.

Von Newmann took over control of the project and was given a destroyer the USS Eldridge.

He was a professor at Princeton University.

On July 20th 1943 at 9AM the next test was scheduled.

Two young technicians Edward and Duncan Cameron manned the main switch room.

When they tripped the switch the ship went radar and optically invisible.

Twenty minutes later when the ship reappeared the crew were either hysterical or sick.

Von Newmann asked the Navy for more time to complete calculations but the word came down that the project

must continue to the deadline of 12th August 1943 as it was competing with the atom bomb project as the

secret weapon to win the war. The Navy told Von Newmann they only wanted radar invisibility so he modified

the equipment to do just that.

On 12th August 1943 a fresh crew was enlisted to take part in another test.

The Philadelphia Experiment had begun.

At 9am the switches were flipped in the main control room and For 60-70 Seconds the Eldridge went radar invisible. Then there was a blue flash. and the ship disappeared.

For over three hours... Edward and Duncan Cameron went up on deck and all the crew going crazy. They could not turn off the equipment and jumped overboard.... BUT they landed in 1983 - 40 years into the future- On a grass area at night. (on 12th August 1983 - EXACTLY 40 years later)

They were met by Von Newmann who told them they had to go back to 1943

and smash the equipment as it was creating a huge bubble in hyperspace that was growing out of control.

They had to go back as Von Newmann said as the records said they had to.

(Officially Von Newmann died in 1957)

Von Newmann was (in 1983) working with time travel using technology that had been salvaged from the experiments 40 years earlier and with

alien technology that had been "back engineered"

Von Newmann had the final results on the tests and told Bielek and Cameron about them and what to do.

In 1943 Alfred Bielek was known as Edward Cameron and he had a brother Duncan Cameron.

He told them what had happened to them. They returned using the technology of 1983 that Von Newmann and his crew had developed.

On October 27th 1943 a third successful attempt was made to make an attempt at invisibility.

This time without crew. The Eldridge disappeared for 20 minutes but had apparently teleported because it was seen for 10 minutes at it's dock in Norfolk Harbour.

When the Eldridge reappeared in Philadelphia Harbour it was discovered that all of it's equipment was destroyed - the control room was a smoking ruins - ONLY the Zero time reference generator remained intact in it's cabinet.

This was the most important piece of equipment - it was built by Nikola Tesla. It locked the ship and it's inanimate objects into the basic time reference of this space-time continuum.

However humans are not automatically locked into this time reference but have individual time locks based on

when you are born and when you die. The problem was always to lock the individual time into the ships time reference.

Without Tesla, Von Newmann was unable to figure it out (in 1943).

The crew that were above deck at the time of the experiment were "torn away" from their point in time and travelled to another point in time. Some drifted off into hyperspace and were never seen again - some came back and partially re-materialised into the ships decks and other burst into flames.

(as in actual cases of human spontaneous combustion)

Years later Von Newmann began to master the problem of human time reference.

After the October 1943 test the project was shut down. Von Newmann went to work on the atom bomb project.

In 1947 when the


event occurred Von Newmann was given control over experiments in the back engineering of the technology.

It was discovered that Radar (developed during WW11) had helped bring down the craft - it was used to bring down more (until the Aliens realised what was going on).

The Navy had been interested in the effects of the powerful magnetic fields - and the new Radar they had - on the minds and bodies of people and in 1947 opened up a new project - Project Phoenix.

Von Newmann was to head this project and it was concerned with experimentation with mind control.

In the five years up to 1952 16 discs had crashed and 65 bodies recovered. A lot were dead on crash and only one or two survived. One lived two years. They lived much like a plant does - by osmosis - and botanists were employed to try and keep them alive. Von Newmann got information from them on time reference and other

technical information - in 1953 another invisibility test was conducted - with crew - and it was completely successful due to the newly obtained information.

Project Phoenix was underway. Some spinoff's from this technology was the Stealth Bomber.

In 1946 Edward Cameron ( later Alfred Bielbek- picture at top of page ) had started to become outspoken about the Philadelphia Experiment. For some reason he could not be killed outright so the authorities decided to dispose of him in another way. In 1947 He "disappeared" and ended up in 1983.

There were then two Edward Camerons. The one from 1947 and the one from 1983. The Edward Cameron from 1947 was sent back to when he was 6 months old and given to the Bielek family in New York. They had lost a 6 month old son tragically just earlier.

Bielek lived an ordinary life growing up and in 1956 joined the Pheonix Project when he met Jack Prewett in Hawaii in that year.

Approximately six days before the August 12th 1943 test date

Three UFO's appeared above the Eldridge. Two disappeared on the day of the test but the third disappeared with the Eldridge and wound up in 1983.

Bielek says that the whole Philadelphia experiment was set up by aliens to travel between 1943 and 1983. The experiments had to be coupled in time. It could not have occurred on any other date. The 12th August is Earth's etheric body "biorhythms" which peak every 40 years on this date.

Tesla claimed to have knowledge of aliens - he mentioned way back in 1899 that he had

monitored alien communications -

he could not work it out at the time and was actually very alarmed over it. As the years went by he became more and more talkative about aliens and in particular their technology.

U.S.President F.D. Roosevelt

The President had met a group of aliens (called the "K Group" by Bielek) (not the "greys") in 1934. They had agreed to exchange technology for certain planetary privileges. Basically the President really didn't have a choice and really thought that it was in the best interest of everyone.

There was a first meeting with the Pleiadcans then a second with the K-Group.

The Aliens told Edward Cameron that they wanted him to go forward to 1983 and get back to them a charging device for a crystal which was used as a drive-propulsion system for alien craft. They did not want the humans to have this technology yet.

(See David Adair - link on my site - he saw a craft with the crystal. He was amazed by it. He had seen nothing like it in all his life.)

(David Adair was amazed at the crystals in the ship. He said they were absolutely stunning - two crystals facing each other that were somehow - he could not fathom - the ships propulsion system. Like

Robert Lazar

who had worked on back engineering projects who figured the aliens had propulsion technology that we had (on earth) not even begun to figure out - as we (on earth) do not know what gravity is.)

Edward Cameron went to 1983 and retrieved this for the aliens who were grateful for his efforts.

When Duncan Cameron went to 1983 his time locks were referenced to 1943 and he aged a year each hour and died in 3 days.

Von Newmann instructed Edward Cameron to return to 1943 and tell his father; who was also involved in the project; to get busy and have another son. to take Duncan's place.

To convince his father Edward Cameron took back a copy of a 1983 LIFE Magazine.

The new son was born in 1951.

In 1963 on 12th August the soul of Duncan Cameron entered the body of the new son.

Alfred Bielek (Edward Cameron) Sadly passed away on October 2011. He was 95 Years old and was born on 4th August 1916.  

If you've read all the above story you will - like me - find it hard to believe. I have looked into this since 1960 and believe me I have looked at a lot of stuff about it. There is LOT of dis-information about this story.  I have omitted the more unproven claims and tried to keep to the raw facts. Links to other places on my web site - David Adair is one - back up claims made here - and as I have always tried to do - I add links to back up claims from other parts of my site. The truth is there mixed up with all the dis-information the lies and the rumour as well as those who seek the dollar. My site asks for no money and the only reason I post up these stories is for general information

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