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Thomas Henry Moray

1892 - 1974
From time to time in the world men of vision receive little or no recognition for their work, passing on to leave behind a legacy for others to follow.

Such men as Slava (a Spanish physicist), who demonstrated radio 150 years before Marconi; Gustav Le Bon, who predicted the Atomic Bomb in 1891, and Nikola Tesla, (see link on main page) the father of our modern system of electricity; found themselves isolated from the rest of the world because they would not accept the dictates of big business and the outside pressure groups.

Such was Thomas Henry Moray (or T. Henry Moray as he liked to be referred to as)

Thomas Henry Moray (August, 1892 - May, 1974) was an inventor from Salt Lake City, Utah. Moray graduated from The Latter Day Saint's Business College. Moray studied electrical engineering through an international correspondence school course. He received a electrical engineering degree from the University of Uppsala. At the turn of the century, Moray developed a reported inexhaustible environmental energy source (by means of radiant energy).

In the 1920s, Thomas Henry Moray demonstrated a "radiant energy device" to many people who were unable to find a hidden power source. Moray called his device a solid state detector or the Moray Valve consisting of a large antenna connected to a complex series of high voltage capacitors, transformers, and semiconductors. By stimulating the existing oscillations of radiant energy from space the device ran for several days producing 50 kilowatts of power. The demonstrations attracted newspapers and scientists from Bell Laboratories and from the Department of Agriculture but none could attest to how the device actually operated nor could evidence of fraud be found. The device was eventually destroyed by his assistant, whom apparently was angered that Moray would not sell his device to corporate interests.

(or there may have been more to this - see what I have written below)

Moray was a follower of Nikola Tesla - As a youth he greatly admired Tesla - and in particular was very interested in Teslas' obsession with the earth having a limitless supply of energy available to it from the universe. Like Tesla - Moray wanted to find out how to tap this energy. Like a lot of people he became amazed at the "Crystal Radio" where a crystal can be tapped with a fine wire to make a radio work - without any battery or power. He figured that if this was possible it should be possible to find a crystal (or "magnetic rock" ) that could be tapped for a power source. He became very interested in the properties of certain rocks and crystal structures and the powders from them - this is what he made his so called Moray Valves out of - they were like radio valves BUT WERE NOT USING A HEATED COIL like radio valves - they were all cold with no external power to feed them. They were a mixture of semi-conducting materials and intricate one-way conducting materials. The Moray Valve was therefore a solid state device - unlike a radio valve that heated a plate to produce energy.

These Valves are ONE reason why Patents were continually refused - as he was told " there is no such thing as free energy"

"You must put energy in to get it out" As the Patents were applied for, there were refusals due to the fact that the Patent applied for "infringed other Patents". Even thought Moray patiently wrote details of how this could not be, the Patent office refused to allow any.

In the beginning Moray had to work out where the energy he was using came from. He eliminated the Earth itself, and then realised that it was coming from Space - But that it was not a static energy - but one that came in waves - like waves in the sea - more by day than by night - but still coming into the earth all the time from what Moray called the "giant reservoir of space"

Moray began his interest in this when he was 9 years old ! (when we were playing with toys !)

The total energy involved in "cosmic" radiations is very large. The mechanism of its generation involves a basic relationship with the total structure and action of the universe. Today it is believed that cosmic radiation consists primarily of protons and some heavier nuclei. Coming continuously with slight variations in time, the radiations have a uniformly directional isotropy.

The earth is, therefore, surrounded in an atmosphere of radiation with cosmic rays coming continually to the earth from all directions, although there may be a slight deflection of the weaker rays by the earth's magnetic field. There is every indication that our sun is not the source of any appreciable amount of this radiation. The origin, therefore, is from the universe as a whole. The total energy of cosmic radiation is more than the entire luminous output of all the stars and nebulae of the universe combined. Unlimited power is being delivered to everyone's doorstep.

"The Moray Radiant Energy discovery, using radiations from the cosmos as its power source, gives the greatest amount of energy per pound of equipment of any system known to man. Electrical power through an electric motor or an electric jet far exceeds any form of energy in any engine in the delivery of power. There is no dead centre of lost motion in an electric motor nor loss of push in an electric jet. Also, the starting torque is much higher in the electrically powered engine than in the combustion engine."

(to quote T. Henry Moray's exact words)

Harnessing cosmic energy is the most practical method yet discovered by man. Furthermore, it is possible to utilise this vast source of energy from the universe without a prime mover at any point on the earth --- on the ground, in the air, on the water, under the water, or even underground. If one considers that an electrical generator is not in the true sense a generator --- as electricity is not made by the generator --- but is merely an electrical pump, the Moray Radiant Energy device may then be referred to as a cosmic ray pump: that is, a high speed electron oscillator serving as a detector of cosmic radiations which causes a pumping action or surging within its circuitry.

In the 1930s Moray developed advanced semiconductors and transistor devices.

Moray refused to sell his technology to corporate interests, fearing its misuse. Moray reported that he and his family had been threatened and shot at on several occasions and his lab ransacked to stop his research and public demonstrations occurred outside his home.

Moray, as Nikola Tesla before him, was unsuccessful in introducing his devices working on this principle. Some report that his secret was forgotten. As mentioned above Moray tried for several patents to no avail.

Radiant Energy is energy that is transported by waves.

This includes energy transception in the form of waves through space or various media. Radiant energy is also energy transferred through electromagnetic waves. Solar Energy is a type of radiant energy. Radiant energy is the sum total of all the energy that comes to the earth from all the universe. The Earth also reflects back Radiant energy into the universe. Our sun directs electrically charged particles towards us. Radiant energy may be calculated by integrating radiant power with respect to time. Radiant energy is usually expressed in joules..

..Nikola Tesla worked out of the conviction that, in his own words, the "new power for the driving of the world's machinery will be derived from the energy that operates the universe, the cosmic energy, whose central source for the earth is the sun and which is everywhere present in unlimited quantities."

Moray has used the term Radiant Energy to describe that source of energy coming from the cosmos to earth and radiating from the earth back to where it came. This is the energy the Moray device captures and could be described as those particles of energy pervading all space.

Dr. Moray resented the stories often told about him that exaggerated the truth. He felt that people needed to know the truth, whether they spoke for or against him. On occasion he confronted people who were talking about him, telling of his work when he was aware they knew nothing about it

Picture above shows Moray demonstrating the potential of his device. The unit above was running 50 x 100watt light bulbs and a 655watt hotpoint iron. This proved that the device was not running off batteries - as his detractors said it did.

He was, like Tesla, a private man who did not easily get on with people. There are rumours that the USSR became very interested in his work and attempted to find out more about his Radiant Energy discoveries. It was of great concern to Moray that agents of the USSR were attempting to obtain information about his discoveries. They were calling over to his place and attempting to befriend him.

It is a known fact that the USSR became very interested in Tesla's so called "Death Ray" and the fact that Tesla had mentioned that it was possible to harness the energy of the universe to produce a Scalar Energy Shield and Scalar Weapons which would be so powerful and awesome that war would be abolished as no nation would be able to launch an attack due to the Scalar shield which would simply vaporise anything that came near it. The USSR was extremely interested in so called Scalar technology (or Zero-point energy technology as it is sometimes called).

However Moray, like Tesla was frightened that in the wrong hands this would be a disaster.

There is a rumour that to stop the USSR getting this technology the equipment was destroyed by Moray's assistant - OR - the equipment was destroyed because Moray refused to unconditionally hand over all aspects of the devices he had built. It was further stated that one of his sons dumped the entire contents of Morays Lab into a river - because of continued threats and harassment - not only to himself but to his family as well. Moray was wounded by shotgun pellets in his lab by an attempt to frighten him into handing over the secrets of his work. It was certainly no picnic for Moray or his wife and children.

It's fact that the USSR did have Scalar Weapons around the early 1960's.

(see tesla link for info. on this)

Moray had two favourite quotations. First from Tesla, "Throughout space there is energy - if kinetic - and we know it is, for certain - then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature."

Second, from an old text, The Nature of the World and of Man,

"Enough energy is coming to the earth to light over 1.5 million (1,693,600) 100-watt lamps for every human being on the earth today."

(in other words limitless energy)

"Without the use of a prime mover, no fuel of any kind need be taken as a dead load since this energy can be 'picked up' directly by ocean liners, aeroplanes, or any form of transportation. Heat, light and power can be made available for use in all kinds of building and for all kinds of machinery. An example would be to pump water onto the desert lands, the power source being only a fraction of the weight of any steam plant or any kind of engine in use today, and all this at a fraction of the current cost."

"A wild dream? No ! It's a proven reality, as hundreds of people know who have witnessed the Moray Radiant Energy invention - powered from the cosmos." So stated Thomas Henry in the original edition of his book, "The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats."

Picture above is one of many actual demonstrations of Morays Radiant Energy Machines.

Nikola Tesla insisted the energy of the universe was waiting to be tapped. Tesla said " We are like people in a boat dying of thirst because we do not know how to scoop up the water from the sides of the boat " Great scientists have mathematically proven its existence. Why has this great source of energy been ignored? Is the reason political or economic? No prizes for guessing this one !

Someone famous once said many years ago that Earth was "A mental institution that the universe sent all it's patients to"

It is well documented that Moray developed a bi-polar semi-conductor as early as 1927, making a complete disclosure to Dr. Harvey Fletcher of the Bell Laboratories.

Below is Dr. Harvey's Declaration in 1979, two years before his death.
Dr. Harvey Fletcher died on July 23 1981 Aged 96 years old.
Dr. Fletcher later became head of the department at Bell Laboratories that developed the transistor.

His (T. H. Moray's) work

dates from he time he was 9 years old (1901), and by 1939 he had successfully demonstrated that his Radiant Energy Device would deliver as high as 50,000 watts of power.

Dr. Moray, was harassed, threatened, and even shot. Even though eminent scientists examined his device during and after its operation, and admitted that they could not understand the source of the power they had witnessed, still he was never able to gain their support for his work.

It is interesting to note that the greatest opponents of his work became the greatest competitors. Dr. Harvey Fletcher gave an unequivocal endorsement to the Eyring Institute regarding the Radiant Energy Device and what he had witnessed years before, where he had refused to do so for Dr. Moray.

Over the 73 years of T. Henry Moray's research, he left behind him a wealth of notes, not only pertaining to Radiant Energy., but a wide range of scientific research bordering all the way from the devulcanization of rubber, the influence of mineral reactions in the presence of high energy, to bioelectronic effects.

He left behind two sons Richard R. Moray, and John E. Moray.

Today a number of other researchers have entered the field, however, his sons have refused to endorse any of their work.

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