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Tunguska 1908


V.I. Ordanenko

Russian to Danish translation by Yuri Sytinskaya

Danish to English translation by Peter Entwhistle

This story originally appeared in a Russian magazine devoted to science and technology under the title 'Kremlin Daydream'.

It explains a lot about the Tunguska explosion in 1908 in Remote Siberia and also explains why the "strange underground caverns and buildings" exist in the region. There has been a lot of documented evidence of "above ground dome shaped structures and stairways leading to underground caverns" which appear to be "from another world".

Please read the text's rather long but an amazing story..backed up by the Tunguska Mystery which has endured over the years since 1908. The explosion in 1908 was enormous. It was recorded on weather measuring instruments all around the world. It is, to this day, an enduring mystery.

There has been, recently, some evidence of "interceptors" which were used to destroy an incoming Meteor which was carrying bacteria which was harmful to our planet. It has been suggested that "off world forces" intercepted and destroyed this Meteor and its harmful bacteria.

I have posted below this information as well as the story from Vasily Ordanenko.

Understand that the former USSR was more interested in what the Americans knew about U.F.O's than trying to get the secrets of the latest U.S. fighter technology. The USSR had MANY UFO encounters that they could not explain, similar to the U.S. who, during the second world war had encountered what

General Douglas MacArthur 

and General Dolittle had described as "spectators" who were witnessed flying above the combat forces in aerial battles during WW11.

Our story begins..

How suddenly it seemed to happen, that the political machinery of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics disappeared almost overnight. How suddenly decades of secrecy and suppression came to an end. It was as if Mother Russia was awakening from a bad dream. Many Soviet Citizens said it in just those words at the time. It was as if they had awoken from a daydream and now had no idea which was the truth and which was the dream. In the confusion, the Berlin wall came down, the Baltic States drifted into independence and the 'Dictatorship of the Proletariat' came to an end. It is now some years since the end of the Soviet era of Russian history and people are asking how it ever happened in the first place.

It seems as if every week since that time some new secret is released from the Kremlin archives. The Archivists too, are asking questions about the Soviet past and though many secrets have now been revealed, some even revealed to the West, there are some documents which have, according to whispers and rumours, been buried even deeper in the vaults of the Kremlin. If the rumours are true then Mother Russia was not away in a daydream of oppression, terror and secrecy so much as she was in a state of hypnosis.


Now I do not expect you to believe this story I am about to tell you. My work is only to report what is being whispered in the darker passages of the Kremlin and quieter corners the Academy of Science.

But hear me out and judge for yourself.

The story begins long before Lenin and Stalin. Even long before Marx and Engels and Trotsky were born. If you take the rumours seriously you must go back to a few years before Napoleons army were driven from Moscow by the bitterness of the Russian Winter. At the end of the Eighteenth century, goes the story, an Alien spacecraft drifted out of control into the Earths solar system. The aliens on board could not fix their vessel, which was damaged beyond repair, but they were able to achieve a form of telepathic communication with some of the people of Earth. They could not 'speak' to people with their telepathy, nor could they take control of a man to use as a puppet, but they could impart a sense of interest in a certain direction and lead a man to think a certain way. If you are among those who take the rumours seriously, the scientific developments of the late eighteenth and all of the nineteenth centuries were inspired by these aliens whose plan was to build a new craft, a lifeboat as it were, to take them home.

Suppose you take a train journey from Moscow to Vladivostok, but half way there the train breaks down leaving you stranded in the frozen tundra. Suppose also, that you could not repair the train. Chances are, you would not know how to build a new train from scratch. But some aboard the train would understand machine work. Some would know the basic principles of the diesel engine. Some might be electrical engineers. You could, just suppose, if there were reserves of iron and oil to hand, build your own train to continue your journey. But you might have to experiment a bit here and there, and make a few mistakes, before you had a working diesel engine and carriages to carry you on your way. Perhaps you could enlist the aid of the fur trappers of the tundra to do some of the testing for you. It was just so, the rumours say, that these extra terrestrials from way beyond the stars chose to get home. Using us Humans to do some of their research and testing for them.

There is no indication what happened to their spacecraft to leave them adrift in the Cosmos but what was left of their vessel was only sufficient for them to live in. Even if they sent a message home for help, it would take thousands of years for help to arrive. That is not a long time if you are almost immortal, as these space people are supposed to be with phenomenally advanced medical science. But if you had to wait that long for a train would impatience not tempt you to try to build one yourself while you were waiting? Now according to the rumour, these space people did not know how to build a vessel to traverse the Cosmos, only how to operate one. But they knew the rudiments of its operation and were willing to start from scratch to rediscover the principles of its construction and operation. To help them do so, they reached out with telepathy and nudged a few humans into an interest in electricity, in metallurgy, in chemistry. From the discoveries these men made on earth, and the aliens own knowledge, they proceeded to build their lifeboat.

When Napoleons army invaded Russia, they came on foot, they came on horse back, and they came on horse drawn wagon. That is how men had moved about the earth for thousands of years. Indeed, the only real difference between the armies of Napoleon and the legions of Julius Caesar, (from whose name every schoolboy knows is derived our word Czar), is that Napoleon had muskets and cannon. For thousands of years technology had progressed very slowly. But during the nineteenth century the rate of progress began to speed up. When Napoleon entered Moscow, a message could only travel at the speed of a horse riding messenger. It was several months before news of the war reached the eastern most reaches of Siberia. A hundred years later, news of the October Revolution reached these same regions in a matter of minutes through the Electric Telegraph cable. All fields of science suddenly bloomed in the nineteenth century and though it may seem to us that the times we live in today are a frenetic pace of advancement, many modern developments are but refinements of discoveries and inventions of over 100 years ago.


The Space people were faced with a number of problems. Not all the earth was ready or able to be helped into the space age. In Africa, South America, and much of Asia, there was so little knowledge of science that it would be futile to try to reach the inhabitants there. In North America, and in Western Europe, They found fertile minds receptive to knew ideas, and so it was that men like George Simon Ohm, Count Alessandro Volta, Michael Faraday, and others, became obsessed with Electricity.

The aliens were very wary that they were giving Human kind knowledge which, in the natural course of events, we would not discover on our own for thousands of years to come. They knew also that giving mankind too much knowledge without the wisdom to use it would be like giving a live hand grenade to a chimpanzee and they would need to be careful that we did not learn too much too soon. But they were moved by the motive that they were helping us into a new age where men would be the masters of Nature and no more be at the mercy of the elements. No longer in fear of drought and famine, no longer at the mercy of disease and death. Mankind they thought, freed from the fear of our own mortality at the hands of nature, would share the new inventions and live in peace. Alas, it was not to be.

Imagine the dismay of the aliens as decadent western capitalists exploited the new technology of electricity and steam engines to further the ambitions and prosperity of the ruling classes. Of course, this last line sounds like so much Soviet era propaganda, for though the aliens could impart an idea into the mind of a man, the man also had a vote in how he interpreted it.

The Aliens began to send us telepathic messages that we should live in peace and share the bounties of our beautiful planet but these became distorted in transmission. And so, more or less, was the idea of Communism born!

Read carefully through the works of Marx and Engels and Trotsky. You will see clearly that it was the industrial societies where they expected that the workers would rise up to overthrow their masters. Why then, did the October revolution of 1917 occur in agrarian feudal Russia?


What happened is that the aliens changed their plans. In the west was too much personal independence. Those whom they choose to guide in a certain direction were too likely to take what they learned and go their own way and that way was all to often the way of personal power and profit. But in Eastern Europe, and in Russia, the peasants and the serfs were more oriented to being part of a community. They were more subservient to the dictates of the ruling classes and not so likely to go their own way with the guidance given to them. For though the aliens were giving mankind a bounty of knowledge, they wished also that it be kept under reigns, and not let to run too loosely.

The space people would use the resources of Siberia to build their spacecraft. They would turn some men towards thoughts of 'State Secrecy' to hide their work. And a select few they would control more directly to do the work of developing and building their rescue vessel.


In 1880, in a nothing of a hamlet on the Ukraine steppes, a young boy began to obsessively collect old pieces of plough, copper coins, even the odd Cossack sword that he came across if no one claimed it. In his spare time he hammered away at them, shaping them into peculiar forms. Piecing them together in strange designs. Some in his village said he was an artist, many more said he was mad. But winter on the steppes has too few pleasures in a small farming community and no one minded if he spent his winter evenings in his barn with his 'art'. Over the course of the years and not really understanding what he was doing he built a flying machine that was propelled by anti gravity! This boy, by now a man, was the first to fly in 1898. Records of this, written by eyewitnesses, have been found in the darkest deepest vaults of the Kremlin archives. Not only was the first to fly, but he was the first human in space. Aha! I hear you say. If he flew in an anti gravity machine, why then did Yuri Gagarin have to go up in a rocket propelled Vostok!


After the Space people saw how the scientific advances they bestowed on the human race were used to exploit the working classes of the west, they began to inculcate in the people of Czarist Russias, a sense of secrecy. This lead to the Czarist secret police and in turn, the Cheka, The NKVD, The KGB. Though many point at these agencies as protecting an elite intelligentsia who kept the Soviet Peasant even more downtrodden than the average western factory worker, the real purpose of the Soviet obsession with secret police was to hide from the whole world that a small few Soviet Citizens were using anti gravity machines to ferry the raw materials into space with which the space people built their new craft.

In the Soviet Government, hardly any one knew of this. Neither the Czar, nor Stalin, not Lenin, Not Kruschiev, Not Brezgniew, Not even Boris Yeltsin. The development of rockets to the stage of being able to carry a man took place outside the aliens influence for though they might beam to one man an interest in building a strange machine that would rise up into the Cosmos, their message would 'leak' in a diluted form, to any who were receptive. A few people in all the Russias might become obsessed with building an anti gravity machine, but many more became infected with the dream of space flight. Baikonur and Tyuratam (Translators Note;- these are the Russian Equivalents of the American Space launch centre at Cape Canaveral) had no knowledge of what was going on elsewhere in Russia.

If ever you have met one of those crazy people who say their minds have been taken over by beings from another world, the truth is that some error in communication has been taking place. Sometimes the telepathy leaks out to those for whom it is not intended and the receiver is driven crazy. So the story goes.

But some did know something, for they orchestrated that hundreds of thousands of tonnes of Iron and Cobalt, Magnesium and Copper, Carbon and Uranium, and many other materials, were delivered from the mines of Siberia along railway tracks that end abruptly in the middle of the forests of Siberia where no casual witnesses could tell the tale. At the end of these tracks, the cargoes were unloaded into Anti Gravity ships and ferried to space for the construction of the Space peoples new craft.

Some in the Soviet Government kept these rail lines off the maps. They falsified production records to hide the missing ores. They ensured that the Red Army and the KGB never asked the wrong people the wrong questions. In a society obsessed with secrecy, they guarded the greatest secret of all.

When the Soviet Era ended, these people where the most affected by that feeling of awakening from a dream, for the aliens were no longer motivating them. Here and there, across the country, some factories, some laboratories, some officers in the Red Army, could not even remember what was the job they were supposed to do! But let us not get too far ahead.


By 1908 the aliens had built the shell of their new spacecraft. They had new living quarters to move into and could abandon the remnants of their original, damaged spaceship. What should they do with the old original craft? They could not leave it for mankind to find one day for Humans would surely soon be exploring space on their own. Nor could they take it with them as it would be a useless payload on their lifeboat home.

They must destroy it. And then make sure that no trace remained. And so it came to pass that one clear morning, hundreds of square kilometres of forest were knocked flat as the original alien ship was obliterated at Tunguska in Siberia.

The Explosion at Tunguska was witnessed only by reindeer herders and fur trappers a good distance away. Though shocked and surprised by the sudden event, they were unharmed and could describe the details of the blast. How something flew through the air at a great height and exploded. The blast wave, the mushroom cloud, all sounding so much like a Nuclear explosion that when mankind did develop Nuclear power, and began to test bombs of Uranium, Plutonium and Hydrogen fusion design, there were some who began to speculate that the Tunguska explosion of 1908 might have had some nuclear origin, though the conventional explanation was that a comet had exploded after crashing into the Earths atmosphere.

In the 1920's and 1930's, explorer Leonid Kulik made several journeys to Tunguska, convinced that the explosion was caused by a massive meteorite. Kulik found no remains of a meteorite, and could only determine the site of the explosion by the way trees, felled by the blast, pointed away from a central point. The blast occurred not at ground level, but at least a kilometre above the ground. Kulik's several expeditions found only fallen trees and swampy land but according to the official report in the files of the Academy of Sciences, there were many almost microscopic fragments of metal scattered across the land. Not the enormous mass of Nickel-Iron, Kulik expected on the basis that many meteorites are composed of an ore of Nickel and Iron.

Was Kulik motivated by simple scientific curiosity? Or was he, probably unknowingly, an agent of the space people who could not come down to the earths surface themselves but nonetheless wanted to ensure their old mother ship had been completely destroyed without trace? Who can say?

According to the rumours being told by Kremlin archivists, another of Kuliks reports, including a diary, were found two years ago in the KGB archives. They were in the files of a murderer named Kulagin who was executed in 1933. No doubt they had been filed by accident but had such an accident not occurred we might not have had this report which mentions one of Kuliks guides giving him a lump of metal said to have been found embedded in one of the fallen trees of Tunguska. Kulik was unable to determine what sort of metal it was. It could not be drilled, he was unable to saw through it and when he returned to Moscow it was an object of great curiosity. Even with the best of machinery available at the time it could not be cut in any way. How this diary came to be moved from the Academy of Science into the KGB archives is only hinted at by the highly secret report found with it and dated 1943. Wherever that piece of metal is now is beyond guessing. It may yet turn up in a secret file or buried store room, but in 1943 it was in a factory in Uralsk where much hope was placed in being able to make more of this material as armour for tanks. This was the middle of the Great Patriotic War and Kulik himself died defending our homeland.


This brings us to the next stage of our alien odyssey. In the early twentieth century the space people began working on the main engine of their craft. Now it seems an anti gravity motor works best where gravity is strongest. On the surface of a planet. The files in the Kremlin are said to reveal that the anti gravity ships used to move material up to where it was wanted could operate effectively well away from the earth and the Moon but double the distance from a planet and gravity, and with it the power of an anti gravity engine, is cut to a quarter. For travel between the stars and further, between galaxies, it is suggested in the files that some other form of propulsion is used.

Now the aliens directed the attention of men to the atom. Wilhelm Roentgen discovered X rays. Marie Curie discovered natural radioactivity in radium. These now seem such simple aspects of the atom that it is hard to remember how important they were to later developments in atomic physics. But considering that after a hundred years of development we have the atomic bomb, nuclear power and radiation treatment for many illnesses how much more might the aliens have achieved in their secret labs as they knew what they were looking for. At this point perhaps, the aliens began to do more of their own research for in the second decade of the twentieth century they had a reminder of how Mankind had not moved far from being animals when all of Europe was engulfed in bloody war. What might they have thought of the battlefields of Flanders and the Somme where men emerged from trenches with bayonets fixed only to be cut down by artillery and machine guns.


We all know of the events of the revolution. How the workers rose to throw off the yoke of Czarist oppression. In hindsight we can see that we gave up one form of oppression for another. But in doing so Mother Russia got out of the war. Was this as the legend suggests, the aliens way of protecting their secret? What would have happened should the war have been lost, and the German invaders discovered the secrets of anti gravity flying machines or engines to drive between the stars? For the greatest amount of development of their engine may have taken place in our own homeland. The research of such as Niels Bohr and Max Planck, even Einstein, may have been side issues to the main development of whatever power the space people use to traverse the Cosmos. It is said that the frantic searches going on now in the archives of the Kremlin, the KGB, the Academy of science, and state universities are being done in the hope of finding further technological secrets for some of those who flew the anti gravity ships ferrying materiel to the aliens left diaries which are now among the Kremlins most secret of documents.

By the time of the Great Patriotic War (Translators note;- common Russian term for world war 2), the soviet Union was heavily shrouded in secrecy, oppression and fear. Was the severity of the Stalinist years as the space people got closer to completing their task a measure to protect the secrets of intergalactic travel from becoming known to mankind? I met two historians in Saint Petersburg who had heard all these stories of alien cosmonauts directing the affairs of Russian politics and both said they gave them no credibility. But they did say that if they saw more concrete proof than just the rumours they might be more willing to believe for only such an explanation could give sense and meaning to the Russian obsession with State Secrecy. The term 'Iron Curtain' may have been coined by English leader Winston Churchill but it describes well the effort to keep foreign eyes out of Russian affairs.

Apart from all the criminals, murderers and people who simply disagreed with government policy, how many loyal soviet citizens might have died in the Gulag Archipelago for nothing other than being curious about what lay on the other side of a wall? In most cases it was surely just another dismal grey soviet tractor factory but perhaps from time to time someone did stumble on some alien secret?

By the time the Nazi Invaders had been defeated the Space people were in the first stages of testing their engine. What shall we make of the stories of Unidentified Flying Objects and Flying saucers and little green men so prevalent for a time in the Western press but little spoken of in the USSR.

Now it seems that the sciences of what I shall call 'Our' aliens were not only well in advance of us poor Humans but they were also much advanced over the civilisations of the stars close to us.


I have before me, a copy of a personal journal said to belong to one of the few people to have met Our aliens. It covers a period from 1967 to 1970 and is said to be the private record of one who flew consignments of ore to the alien vehicle, by this time nearly complete. Had I the original I might better determine the veracity of the story but alas, it is only a reproduction.

No name is given for the writer but then, how many of us who keep a journal or diary for our own use put our own names in it? He, (the script suggests a man), describes making a number of trips to the alien ship carrying iron on one occasion, magnesium on another, and a mixed cargo at other times. On one occasion he describes being followed by another kind of ship from the time he left the Earths atmosphere to the time he reached 'Our' aliens craft which then orbited the Earth at the same distance as the Moon but on the opposite side of the Earth.

Our Aliens ship is said to have been about forty kilometres long but rather thin, like a pencil, with a number of protrusions along its length and a large bulge toward one end. There is little description of the inside save for mention of its having its own gravity inside. The writer contrasts this with what he has heard of the zero gravity reported by Soviet Cosmonauts.

He notes being told that the ship that followed him belongs to one of three civilisations of 'local' aliens who have not reached the level of sophistication of Our aliens. That while Our aliens have tried to prevent us from advancing too fast, as we are somewhat barbaric in their view and lack the wisdom to handle their knowledge wisely, they are aware that their presence here has attracted the attention of the 'local' aliens. We have been allowed to develop our own atomic technology and a very primitive degree of space travel as the balance of power amongst the local stars has been disturbed.

Had Our aliens not come here then the local Aliens might not have discovered us for another thousand years. But who can say. Left to our own natural development, we would not have journeyed into space for a thousand years to come. The local balance of power has been disturbed but we have been left with some limited technology that when our aliens have left we may hold our own.

The final stage of the aliens stay in our part of the cosmos began when those who had had the closest contact felt a need to load up the anti gravity ships with all physical traces of the aliens visit and forget all about it. Pick any sanitarium anywhere in Russia and you will find someone to tell you they have travelled in space or that Alien Cosmonauts control their thoughts. Are these crazy men or are they sane men whose reason for being has been taken away leaving them adrift in life? Well, if you know some comrade who has developed these kind of psychiatric disturbances you might be the best to judge,

It is said that one day, several truckloads of documents left the Kremlin and never returned and factories and laboratories through all the Russias began to dismantle and destroy some of their most secret machinery. Perhaps amongst the loads taken from the Kremlin was Kuliks piece of metal from Tunguska. Perhaps amongst them were more diaries and journals that might leave us a clue to the mystery of intergalactic flight. Of how to make our own gravity in our own anti gravity powered space craft. Perhaps most tantalisingly of all, there might be lurking in some dusty corner of the Academy of Science or dark shelf of a vault deep in the Kremlin, the secret to immortality.

It was soon after files began to be removed from the Kremlin by the truckload that we entered the era of Glasnost and Perestroika and shortly after that, the Soviet Union simply dissolved like a daydream, with some men suddenly seeming to have gone Mad.

We all felt it was like awakening from a daydream, that suddenly, we were standing in warm sunshine with no idea how we had got there or where we were going. Could it be that we were coming out of hypnosis as the Space people loosened their hold on us and went on their way? Now you have heard my tale, I leave it to you to judge.

Vasily Ordanenko

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