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John Glenn

Former Astronaut and later on was a US Senator from Ohio,
Was a Colonel and was in WW11, Chinese Civil War, and the Korean War.
John Glenn - July 18th 1921 - December 8th 2016

"Back in those glory days, I was very uncomfortable when they asked us to say things we didn't want to say and deny other things. Some people asked, you know, were you alone out there? We never gave the real answer, and yet we see things out there, strange things, but we know what we saw out there. And we couldn't really say anything. The bosses were really afraid of this, they were afraid of the War of the Worlds type stuff, and about panic in the streets. So we had to keep quiet. And now we only see these things in our nightmares or maybe in the movies, and some of them are pretty close to being the truth."

NBC TV 6th March 2001

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