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Can I just drift through life?

If you don't set goals, how can your life have any sense of direction?

Maybe the purpose of life is something entirely different from what you think it is. Have you ever considered that possibility? Let's say you set a goal. Many anxious moments follow as you struggle to achieve this goal. Let's say you succeed. Result? A slap on the back, and a temporary "feel good" high. But what if you fail? The ego labels you a failure. Result? A "feel bad" low. No problems - the ego runs the program, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." You then mechanically repeat the same stressful process all over again. Ask yourself, "Does this make any sense? Is this the way to find happiness?"

But you just can't drift through life-can you?

Who says you can't? Where is it written? Perhaps a confused society will say you can't. A society riddled with stress, anxiety, high-blood pressure, heart attacks and suicide. This is the society that says you must, you should, and you ought to try to do better! A hypnotised society, mechanically obeying the deluded suggestions of a fearful, insecure collective ego.

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