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Other Worlds: Eight Amazing Alien Encounters

To the sceptic, encounters with extraterrestrials can usually be dismissed as the result of fantastic claims by unreliable witnesses. All too often the media in general dismisses these reports as hoaxes, delusion, or the result of suggestion through hypnotic regression.

When cases are looked at individually, it is perhaps easy for people to dismiss unexplainable irregularities detailed in these reports because society dictates that there is no clear evidence for there being life outside of our planet.

For those prepared to question whether we are really alone, the number of cases speak for themselves, as does the credibility the witnesses concerned. In this article, we take an objective look at eight of the best cases of close encounters taken from a cross section of society all over the world, from Africa to America, and leave you to make up your own mind.

Often reports from witnesses are confused, contradictory, fragmented or simply bizarre, leaving critics ample opportunity to discredit them. These discrepancies should not be taken as evidence of a lack of honesty on the part of the witness. What we have to bear in mind is that these are ordinary people, sometimes just children, who without warning have found themselves in quite extraordinary situations. Often these witnesses are attempting to describe events and relate communications that have been made telepathically rather than verbally, they are in unfamiliar environments and being faced with situations that a lifetime of conditioning has taught them should not exist.

The Dutch Millionaire

Not all witness accounts offer vague and indecipherable facts; there are some contactees that are able to provide an enormous amount of detail concerning their experiences. One of the most interesting and least reported cases is that of a Dutch millionaire who received telepathic communications from an extraterrestrial race named the Iargans from a planet called Iarga in the 1960's. The witness has never revealed his true identity for fear of compromising his standing in the business community; instead he uses a pseudonym given him by the Iargans. They referred to him as "Stef van den Earde" (Stef of the Earth) from which the name Stefan Denaerde was derived.

Researchers describe Denaerde as being a very well educated and highly articulate master mechanical engineer and an architectural artist. Most of his communications were made through telepathic communication. What is interesting is that at the time the witness claimed to be receiving these telepathic communications, a NATO installation in The Netherlands recorded a strange, unidentified radio frequency being directed to the area. Whether this represents coincidence or evidence is a matter for the individual reader. In the case of the Iarga contacts, the message was clear: that the earth did not exist in splendid isolation and that to evolve humanity, the Earth had to become a peaceful, non-violent planet. The experience proved so powerful and he felt the message was so important, that he eventually wrote a book, 'Planet Iarga' detailing much of what he knew.

The Australian Author

Another contactee who reported his contact with extraterrestrials as being a very positive and rewarding encounter is Michel Desmarquet from Cairns, Australia. Desmarquet claimed extraterrestrials physically abducted him in June 1987. These highly evolved extraterrestrial visitors, who, Desmarquet stated, were millions of years ahead of us in terms of conscious and technological evolution took him to the planet Thiaoouba in Pleiades. He states "They took me physically to their planet on a journey that had a time lapse of nine Earthly days. It was not an astral travel, nor an astral contact - I was there with my Physical Body, incredible as it may seem." He describes his journey thus "By transubstantiation, we travelled through the light barrier, moving in and out of space and time, instead of moving through it."

The Thiaoouba explained that they had made contact with Michel Desmarquet because their studies of civilisations all over our galaxy had led them to recognise that we are at a critical turning point in human evolution.

Like with the Iargans, the message of the Thiaooubians was one that emphasised spiritual enlightenment and philosophy as the way for humanity to evolve. Interestingly both Michel Desmarquet and Stefan Denaerde were specifically asked to write books detailing their experiences so as to pass on the messages they had been given and both were treated with the utmost respect during their contact with these beings. Neither appears to have written their accounts for commercial gain.

The US Military

One of the most fantastic and controversial contacts is that surrounding Project Serpo. There is still much speculation as to whether this is a genuine Top Secret project or an elaborate hoax, however its supporters point to the authenticity of the data provided by the anonymous source, by validating many facts that are not in the public domain. If the source, a retired senior official within the US Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) is to be believed, following the 1947 Roswell incident, in 1964, the US military sent a team of twelve scientists to a far away planet in the Zeta-Reticuli system at the invitation of its inhabitants: The Eben.

According to the anonymous source, one of the aliens, from the Roswell crash survived and was taken to Sandia Army Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico before being moved to Los Alamos. In time, the US military permitted the Eben visitor to communicate with his home planet and this developed into a dialogue between the two planets. The surviving Eben apparently died in 1952 but communications continued and in 1965, an exchange program was established between Earth and the Eben's home planet.

It took the team nine months, travelling in the alien craft to reach the Eben planet, which the US Military named Serpo. Although they had problems acclimatising to their new environment, the team actually remained there for much longer than the ten years the mission was originally scheduled for, finally returning in 1978. The team consisted of two doctors; three scientists; two linguists; two security personnel; two pilots and was lead by an air force colonel. Only four of the team actually returned to Earth when the mission was completed, three members of the team actually died during the mission and four of the team elected to remain on the planet (Eben) when their mission was over. To this day the US Military refuse to discuss any of the matters regarding this mission.

The four remaining crew from the Eben mission have since died - since - (2006)

Betty and Barney Hill - A very well known story - Well documented.

Project Serpo's alleged communication being from a planet in the Zeta-Reticuli system is not actually unique. In September 1961, Betty Hill, a 41 year-old social worker and her husband Barney Hill, a postal worker, also encountered extraterrestrial visitors from this star system after witnessing a UFO close up at Indian Head, north of Woodstock. Having observed a strange light as they travelled home from vacation, they were perplexed by its erratic movement and kept track of it as they drove. Eventually Barney stopped the car and they got out to let their dog stretch its legs, still watching the approaching light. As it got closer, Barney realised that the object, which now seemed to be moving toward him was saucer shaped and had multicoloured lights, and rows of windows. The object moved to within a hundred feet of him, at which point he could see occupants inside, presumably watching him. Frightened, he ran back to his car where Betty waited and they hurriedly continued the journey home. Calculating the time and the mileage from the area where Barney stopped the car to home it was obvious that it had taken two hours longer than it should have, but neither of them could account for the missing time. The following day, Betty called her sister Janet and told her about their experience. Janet urged her to report the UFO sighting to nearby Pease Air Force Base. Despite Barney's objections, Betty did so; Major Paul W. Henderson of the 100th Bomb Wing took the report but it was not considered significant at the time and the incident appeared closed.

It was only a year later after suffering from flashbacks and terrifying dreams that the truth about what had happened that night was finally revealed. After undergoing a series of hypnotic regression treatments conducted by psychiatrist Dr Benjamin Simon, it was discovered that Betty and Barney had been taken aboard an alien vessel and subjected to a series of invasive tests, Betty was given a pregnancy test and had skin, hair and nail samples taken and Barney had semen extracted and his dentures examined. Although they were treated well, they were clearly regarded as specimens by the humanoid beings on the ship. An odd fact that came out during the regressions was that the aliens seemed to have no concept of time, or of colours. When Betty asked where the alien visitors were from she was shown a 'star map' by one alien, which she described as being three-dimensional, like looking through a window. Afterwards Betty, who had no prior knowledge of astronomy, was able to reproduce an accurate map showing exactly where the Zeta-Reticuli system was located in relation to Earth. Interestingly, there were features on her map that even astronomers couldn't confirm existed until 1969.

Eager to avoid unnecessary attention, the Hills who were a middle-aged mixed race couple ­ a rarity in the 1960's, tried to keep their story out of the press, but when an inaccurate version was leaked, they were forced to step into the spotlight and clarify what had happened. The result is of course history as the abduction phenomena made media headlines around the world.

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The Farmer in Brazil

Betty and Barney Hill certainly weren't the first to experience being abducted by extraterrestrials because in 1957, a 23 year-old Brazilian farmer named Antonio Villas Boas and his brother observed a strange red light in the night sky. The brothers thought it unusual but dismissed it as something and nothing. The following night they noticed it again but again they thought it was interesting but nothing more.

It was a few days later when working in the fields on his tractor that Jose was to discover first hand the origin of the strange red light. To his amazement, a saucer shaped craft landed close to the field where he was working. Terrified, Boas tried to drive away, but as the craft touched down the engine on his tractor mysteriously failed. Boas attempted to run but found himself unable to, the aliens seemingly exerting some kind of control over him. He was apprehended by a group of humanoid aliens, which he describes as being about 4 feet tall. Despite their stature they were easily able to subdue the terrified man and take him aboard their ship.

Once on board, he was stripped naked and his whole body covered with a gel of some kind. Two of the aliens took a blood sample from his chin and left. He noticed puffs of smoke or vapour that made him sick to his stomach, coming from vents in the wall, which caused him to vomit. After a while what he describes as a 'beautiful' female alien came into the examination room and made it clear that she wanted to have sex with him. Boas had little choice but to comply although he described the alien as being very clinical, without any feeling or emotion. Once she had been successfully impregnated, she pointed to her abdomen and then the sky, which Boas interpreted as meaning that she would give birth to the hybrid child in space.

Boas was then given a tour of the ship, but said that the aliens were generally emotionless and not forthcoming or particularly friendly, before being released. Still in a state of shock, he watched as the craft shot off skyward. Reports of Boas' encounter was generally kept out of the press due to the explicit sexual nature of the contact, which wasn't considered suitable for publication at the time. In time Boas married, had a family of his own and became a lawyer, right up until his death in 1992, he maintained that his abduction experience was genuine and that somewhere out there is a hybrid child that he fathered.

The Child from Arkansas

In 1953, Riley Martin was just seven years old when he states that he was abducted by an extraterrestrial race called the Biaviians and kept for three days aboard their ship. While there, he claims he was shown a number of humans living on the alien's home planet. He also claims to have seen domed gardens aboard an egg shaped alien mother ship that he said contained other humans or possibly hybrid humans and several other species of aliens.

In many ways, Riley Martin represents the kind of stereotypical witness that gives critics a field day; however Martin is honest about his shortcomings and lack of formal education as an adult and leaves it up to the individual to decide what to make of his story. People who have spoken to Martin describe how he has a deep and broad knowledge of science considering his less than privileged background and are at a loss to explain the eloquence and consistency with which he speaks. Martin is a perfect example of the diversity of the type of people who have been contacted by extraterrestrial beings.

From Martin's accounts, the Biaviians seem to be at an earlier stage of development both technologically and spiritually than the Thiaooubians or the Iargans, although they are still far more advanced than us. According to Martin they have a limited capacity to understand mankind and are perceived in many different ways by contactees, some see them as angelic beings while others see them as terrifying, cold and clinical. Martin's experiences are in the main positive and his primary physical contacts, a male named Tan and a female named Nela seem prepared to answer his questions, but as Martin himself admits he lacks the education to always understand the scientific and revelatory nature of the contact. He is however quite sure that the Biaviians seem to view humanity as kindred spirits albeit inferior ones and as such their hope is to somehow prevent us from facilitating our own extinction, even if this involves evacuating the most enlightened humans off the planet should our self destruction appear imminent.

What's interesting about his account is that not only does he have continued contact with the Biaviians who originally abducted him, but he also speaks of a second alien race of reptilian origins called Targzissians, who he says are keen to suppress knowledge concerning the existence of extraterrestrial life.

A School in Zimbabwe

Children it appears, are just as likely to be contacted by extraterrestrials as adults are. On 14th September 1994, a cigar shaped UFO was observed moving across the sky over the town of Ruwa, Zimbabwe. It was seen by a number of people, but at the time it was assumed that the witnesses had spotted the nose cone from a Russian satellite.

Two days later during morning, a group of children attending Ariel Primary School in Ruwa watched in fascination as three silver balls hovered in the sky over the school, before disappearing and reappearing several times. One of the UFO's slowly landed on an area of rough ground next to the school. While some children ran off in terror, a number of curious children ran over to the school boundary fence to investigate from a safe distance. Sixty two of the children, most of which were ten and eleven, later gave a variety of descriptions to investigators but the common report was of a large, glowing, saucer shaped craft with three legs.

To the children's amazement, three beings had emerged from the craft, all dressed in one piece suits. The children described them as moving in slow motion and as having large black eyes. According to the children, when they looked into the creatures' eyes, they received telepathic messages from them. The message they received was one expressing the need for humanity to take action to stop further environmental damage from occurring to the planet, as if we didn't, we would be doomed as a species.

The whole encounter lasted less than five minutes and by the time teaching staff had been alerted, the UFO had disappeared. At first the teachers believed that the children had simply imagined the event, but soon began to realise that something out of the ordinary had happened that recess; some of the children were hysterical with fear, while others were overcome with excitement at what they had witnessed. Although there were discrepancies, researchers point to the fact that under the circumstances this was understandable. What stood out weren't the differences, but the obvious similarities between the accounts and honesty of the children concerned.

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A Canadian Engineer gets burned

Getting too close to a UFO can have serious drawbacks as one Canadian engineer and amateur geologist discovered to his cost in 1960.

Much criticism surrounds the so-called lack of physical evidence that surrounds abductees. As we've already demonstrated, there are reports of close encounters out there which offer an amazing amount of information for those interested enough to study it. Physical evidence is often much harder to come by, however in this last case there is physical evidence of unexplained injuries to support the witness' account of what he experienced.

On May 20th 1960, a 52 year-old Stephen Michalak was out looking for minerals near Falcon Lake, eighty miles east of Winnipeg when he spotted two disc shaped craft overhead. One flew away, but the other landed. Curious, Michalak approached the craft and got close enough to touch it. This was obviously a huge mistake as it was so hot it immediately melted his glove. At that point, the craft took off with a blast of light from an 'exhaust panel' hitting him in the chest. Dazed, burned and in shock, he managed to make it back to the road some two miles away where he was picked up by a police officer. A police report written at the time by the police officer that picked him up highlights his clearly distressed state.

Over the following months, Michalak suffered from all kinds of illnesses associated with radiation sickness from low blood lymphocyte count to infections, nausea, ulcers and blackouts. A total of 27 doctors examined Michalak, most of which did so at his own expense. Fifteen months after the incident, a grid like burn appeared on his chest where he'd said the beam of light from the craft had hit him. Michalak wrote a book detailing his experience, the purpose of which was to detail his experience and search for an explanation as to what he saw and what he was suffering from. Michalak showed himself to be consistent, intelligent and sincere, and not the kind of person who is prone to irrational acts or publicity seeking. After going public with his experience, he was subjected to both ridicule and criticism from many sources. While annoyed at his unexpected notoriety, Michalak never wavered in his story, although many say that he regretted ever making the incident public.


What many of these reports highlight is the reluctance of the witness to come forward for fear of ridicule but the need for answers and closure of some kind means that they are forced to make a choice between keeping their identity a secret and letting the world know the message they have to tell.

One of the most interesting points to arise from this section is the apparent difference in these extraterrestrial visitors. The fact that some people report tall humanoids and others describe far shorter beings such as greys leads many to conclude that we are not being visited by one alien civilisation, but by many races with a variety of intentions. One thing that does stand out is the fact that all these extraterrestrial visitors seem to view us as primitive aggressors that need to be studied but kept at arm's length.

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