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The Mayans of Mexico

Picture above is the star cluster called the Pleiades, which is apparently an area of the galaxy that the Mayans knew all about

(Yes, we are all still here. Please read below)

The Mayans were master mathematicians and time worshippers.

They understood time and space more accurately than us. They knew that Planet Earth would come into synchronisation with the Universe by 2012 AD. They knew about the Sun and it's connection to Earth.

They were a very advanced and amazing people - little understood in today's world.

The Mayan long count calendar covers the period 3113 BC to 2012 AD, a period of 5125 years. Unlike other ancient calendars it has never been in error. All its predictions have been accurate.

The calendar stops at 2012 AD.

There was a lot of talk that the world would end then. The Mayans never said that, Hollywood Movies did, and made a lot of money out if it.

Everyone used to wonder why the Calendar stopped at 2012. Those who Time Travelled stated that after 2012 everything seemed like a "Dreamlike" world. The next dimension is Blank. It's up to us to determine it's makeup.

Most people say "this is madness. crazy stuff" did people at the turn of the century who predicted that Man would land on the Moon.

Picture below is the "long count" Mayan Calendar from 3113BC to 2012AD. This stone carved ikon was found in their temples.

The MAYANS were an ancient people who knew about the Sun, our Solar System and Time. They knew about Gravity and the relationship with the Earth. There has been a lot of speculation about things like the Pyramids. WHO built them and WHY ?

It's very interesting that we do not know what the four forces are that make up our physical world and everything in it . What is Gravity, Electricity, The strong force ( that binds the nuclei together..that all matter is made up from) ..and the weak force associated with naturally occurring radioactive decay..Which are the FOUR MAIN FORCES that make up the physical world we live in and everything in it..

IF we could split the Atom.. we would be masters of our own destiny . . It eludes us . . .

Unfortunately a lot of "Hype" has been created. It's VERY INTERESTING that when

Stephen Spielberg in 1977 created the movie "Close encounters of the third kind"

N.A.S.A. sent him a 20 page personal letter trying to stop him from making the movie.

AND.. only in the past 10 years...When a group of Scientists explored the depths of a sealed tomb...that was thought to not exist..but was discovered by Thermal imaging...ONLY one entrance..SEALED by a door that had to be opened by special equipment....

They went away extremely their whole way of life..what they had been taught..had been demolished

see Col. Steve Wilson page

Ask yourself , think beyond the square , Where did we come from . . ?

Our current calendar is the Gregorian calendar (Pope Gregory XII, 1582).

Picture below is the vase of the 7 gods, from a Mayan Temple

Soon we will have reached a collapse of time as we know it and an entry of humanity into post history. It will NOT mean the end of the world. We will simply move from one dimension to the next.

There had been a great deal of talk about the "end of the world" and December 2012.

No one can predict the so called end of the world.

The Mayans were around LONG BEFORE our (current) Calendar - the Gregorian - was in use and therefore all our current calculations are not exactly correct. Our calendar is built for convenience, and does not follow the sun and star and moon rhythms.

In addition the Mayans never actually predicted the end of the world,

And the current Mayan ancestors have been insulted by the "Hollywood" end of the world pictures.

Do not be afraid - Our planet Earth will survive - the Good will prevail.

Part of the Mayan prophecy was the Harmonic Convergence Prophecy which said the Age of Materialism must end soon,

and we must return to Nature to save ourselves and the planet, our biosphere. Under the Gregorian calendar we are living a fundamental dogmatic "error in time"

Use of the Mayan calendar in everyday life will help heal Planet Earth, break the vicious link between time and money and bring oneness and understanding to humanity.

Part of the Mayan prophecy says that we will soon

not need money and about the same time we will have universal telepathy.

The BIG QUESTION asked is HOW did the Mayans know so much about OUR universe in 3113 BC WHEN WE HAVE ONLY JUST "Figured it out" ( so to speak ) OVER THE PAST 100 odd years ?

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