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Colonel Steve Wilson

1933 - 1997
Col. Steve Wilson's statement ...

Wilson followed the Lieutenant Colonel, and they eventually wound up two stories down at the super-secret "S-4" UFO technology area. As they came out on a landing there, Wilson saw eight different kinds of UFOs! There were intellectual-looking people all over the area, whom he guessed were scientists. He glanced at Bennett, who cut off his implied question with a curt "Forget it." The Colonel and the Major went into a cubicle where there were about twenty officers and civilians sitting around. Wilson was startled, when a woman came in who was at least eight feet tall. There was not an ounce of excess fat on her body, he recalls. She wore a strange-looking jump suit, which had a "HI" pattern on the right side above the breast line. To this day Wilson recollects the details of this striking encounter.

"The woman had finely-chiseled features. Her blonde hair cascaded neatly past her shoulders. Her eyes were the bluest blue I'd ever seen. Somehow she was different. Little did I know then, how different! She sat a large crystal on the table, and without warning, her fingers began to glow as she ran them over this crystal. A 3-D hologram began to form above it! I looked around the room and everyone's mouth was hanging open, and suddenly I noticed mine was, too. Little did I realise that at that moment my life would forever be changed. My past teachings slipped from me as I stared. My whole concept of life did a 180-degree turn, as I watched the Hologram, complete with sound, unfold the mysteries of the past and the present, and of other worlds."

Colonel Wilson related that among the scenes, which the female extraterrestrial's crystal hologram displayed for the assembled group, was the history of the Earth and of extraterrestrial involvement with it.

That involvement included fashioning the consciousness of Jesus and sending him to live among Earthlings to point to a better way to understand life and to live.

The extraterrestrial woman also showed the officers and scientists scenes from inhabited planets of other star systems.

Wilson was transformed by this experience. "When it was over, I knew that, whatever part I was to play in all of this, my life as I knew it had ended forever."

[Data from Col. Wilson's Form DoD214 discharge papers]

Name: Col: Steve Wilson. U.A.F.R.

Date of Birth 4/5/33

Ser# AO 325727

Length of service U.S.A.F. 40yrs 19 days. 7 re-enlistments!


(1) 2 Distinguish flying Medals.

(2) 2 Purple Hearts.

(3) 1 Joint SVS Commendation Medal

(4) 13 Good Conduct Medals.

(5) 1 National Defence Service Medal.

(6) 1 Korean Service Medal

(7) 1 Vietnam Service Medal

(8) 1 Pow Medal

(9) 1 USAF Commendation Medal


(1) University of Oklahoma 1956 to 1960

(2) USAF Academy, Colorado Springs Col.

(3) Advanced Flight Training, Kelly AFB.

(4) High Weapons School, USAF.

(5) High Tech. Advanced Combat Computers, USAF.

MIA/POW 12/07/50 to 01/08/51

He would go on to become appointed executive officer of

Project Pounce.

Created in the final days of December, 1980, Project Pounce is an elite group of Air Force Black Berets and military scientists who rush to the scene of any UFO crashes, cordon off the area, retrieve the extraterrestrial spacecraft and any occupants, then "sanitise" the crash site back to its pre-crash appearance, and intimidate any outside witnesses into silence.

Eventually rising to the rank of Colonel, and receiving a Ultra Top Secret, Cosmic Q, level-27 security clearance, Wilson learned much about the inner workings of the Majestic-12 agency. Wilson's UFO-secrecy duties included interacting with covert "MIB" enforcement goons from the Wackenhut private security firm on contract to MJ-12. Wilson came to despise the "Whack"-enhut killers. The Colonel learned about secret space warfare operations, conducted by military astronauts trained at a covert Air Force Special Academy. He found out that these military astronauts fly U.S.-manufactured antigravity aerospace craft, such as the two-man Lockheed X-22A disc, out of Vandenberg and Beale Air Force Bases in California up into space. These military astronauts then interdict UFOs deemed "unfriendly", and fire Star Wars weapons to disable or destroy them.

Colonel Wilson even came to know some things about the top command of MAJI, including the identity of two of its executive board members, Chairman Henry Kissinger and advisory scientist Edward Teller, both of whom hold the top-most Level 33 security clearances. He eventually learned enough about their avarice and hunger for power to sicken him. He discovered that the MAJI were "so powerful that they acted as though they were above the President, and the laws of nature and mankind." To his distress Wilson found out later that they were to be known as the New World Order.

Finally sickening of the unconstitutional and unethical activities of

the Majestic 12 agency

and of his involvement in "one of the most dastardly and heinous coverups the world has ever known", Wilson got out.

At retirement, after 40 years in the Air Force, Lt. Colonel Wilson was Flight Commander of the First Special Forces Air Command, Vandenburg Air Force Base.

After musing for 15 years, he decided to risk his life and tell all. The means he used is the global communication tool of the Internet. After years of military and intelligence career-building by playing by the rules, Lt. Colonel in retirement displayed the highest patriotism of all, whistle-blowing on the corrupt MJ-12 parallel government. Now stricken with cancer, Steve Wilson assesses the price of his years in the "Black World" of the UFO Cover-Up.

"I have no feelings, truthfully. My association with MAJI has left me dead inside. I feel myself still cold and calculating".

"I never let anyone get close to me. I feel like a human robot. I have killed mercilessly and lied for the good of God and Country, or so I believed at the time."

His final comments cryptically hint at what everyone will soon know about extraterrestrial visitation, and the profound changes society will make as a consequence... "The things I have seen are beyond human understanding and totally unbelievable... I only have a desire to help humanity somehow through what is bound to come soon."

Col. Steve Wilson sadly passed away in 1997.

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